Hollis Hills, Queens

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Hollis Hills
Neighborhoods of New York City
193rd Street war memorial
193rd Street war memorial
Country United States
State New York
County Queens
Population (2000)
 • Total 3,206
  Queens census tract 1291.02
 • White 75.8%
 • Black 2.9%
 • Hispanic 6.1%
 • Asian 16.8%
 • Other 4.5%
 • Median income $112,820 [1]
ZIP code 11427, 11364
Area code(s) 718, 347, 917, 929

Hollis Hills is an affluent[2] neighborhood in the north-eastern section of the New York City borough of Queens. As with most neighborhoods in New York City its existence is not official nor its boundaries fixed but Springfield Boulevard is commonly taken at the eastern boundary, Grand Central Parkway the southern, Hollis Hills Terrace to the west, and Kingsbury Avenue and Richland Avenue the northern.

Most homes in Hollis Hills are of the Colonial, Tudor, and Ranch styles. Houses here attract predominantly the upper-middle class as some houses in the area can fetch prices of $1,500,000 or higher. This neighborhood, similar to Douglaston, is a quasi-suburb, with detached homes sitting on large tree-lined lots. However, its main attraction is the zoned, elementary school P.S. 188, dubbed one of the best elementary schools in the city.[3] Surrey Estates, a section of Hollis Hills, is a smaller triangle of architecturally notable homes surrounded by old, large trees and is bound by Union Turnpike, Springfield Boulevard, and Hartland Avenue within Hollis Hills.

Hollis Hills is physically distinguished from the neighboring areas of Holliswood and Hollis by a slight elevation above sea level, thanks to a quirk of a retreating glacier from the last Ice Age. The neighborhood is flanked by Cunningham Park and Alley Pond Park, as well as the historic Long Island Motor Parkway, home of the turn of the century racing competition, the Vanderbilt Cup. The parkway was built by William Kissam Vanderbilt, a descendant of the family that presided over the New York Central Railroad and Western Union. The parkway is now part of the Brooklyn-Queens Greenway used by bicyclers, joggers and nature trail lovers.

Notable institutions in Hollis Hills are The Chapel of the Redeemer Lutheran, The Hollis Hills Jewish Center (founded in 1948), American Martyrs Catholic Church, the Windsor Park Branch of the Queens Borough Public Library, the John Hamburg Community Center, Kingsbury Elementary School (P.S. 188),[4] Hollis Hills Civic Association and Surrey Estates Homeowners Association.


Coordinates: 40°43′56.92″N 73°45′15.21″W / 40.7324778°N 73.7542250°W / 40.7324778; -73.7542250