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Holly Dolly is an animated pop musician whose debut single "Dolly Song (Ievan Polkka)" was internationally successful in the Summer of 2006. Holly Dolly is, according to the website, a "little donkey girl from the country". Holly Dolly's debut album: "Pretty Donkey Girl", was also released in 2006, including cover versions of "La Isla Bonita" by Madonna and "Don't Worry Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin. Some of the tracks on the album were largely or completely acapella.

In August 2006, the German ring tone provider Jamba! began selling a collection of media based on the animated singer Holly Dolly. The video shows a variety of different animated dancers, but mostly focuses on Holly Dolly.

Holly Dolly's songs include The Dolly Song, My Name is Dolly, Ciao Ciao Goodbye, The Jingle Bell Rock, Holly's Farm, Horror Show, Don't Worry Be Happy, Holly Sumba, Mister Joe, Santa Baby, Pretty Intro, Slap and Tickle, La Isla Bonita, Lollypop, Limbo Rock and Without Control.

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