Holly J. Sinclair

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Holly J. Sinclair
Degrassi: The Next Generation character
Charlotte Arnold 10.jpg
Charlotte Arnold
First appearance Standing in the Dark, Part 1
(episode 7.01)
Last appearance In the Cold, Cold Night, Part 2
(episode 11.45)
Portrayed by Charlotte Arnold
Nickname(s) Holly
Miss. Holly
Occupation student
waitress at Little Miss Steaks (seasons 10–11)
waitress at The Dot (seasons 8-9)
Family Dawn (birth mother)
Brianne (half-sister)
Josh (half-brother)
Mary-Kate Sinclair (adoptive mother)
Unnamed adoptive father
Heather Sinclair (adoptive sister)

Holly J. Sinclair (born Holly Jeanette Sinclair) is a fictional character on the Canadian television drama Degrassi: The Next Generation and is portrayed by Charlotte Arnold. Holly J., the adopted sister of unseen character Heather Sinclair, is the Queen Bee of Degrassi Community School. Holly J. is one of the main antagonists of the show since her introduction on Season 7 but has since then grown in character and has become more humane while still keeping her Queen Bee persona. She makes her first appearance in the seventh season premiere.

Character's background[edit]

She is the adopted sister of Heather Sinclair. She insists on being called Holly J. rather than just Holly. She is rude, sarcastic, and at times cruel to other students. Holly J.'s personality is almost identical to that of Paige Michalchuk, with the exception that Holly J. is seen as being more short tempered than Paige. There is a webisode entitled "Queen Bees" featuring both Paige and Holly J.

Holly J. shares a locker with Mia, much to their displeasure, and Anya is her best friend at the start of Season 7. Later into the season, she forms feelings for Toby after he tutors her, but their relationship is short-lived. Also in Season 7, her friendship with Anya comes to an end when Anya fights back from all the abuse Holly J. has given her over the years. In Season 8, an artsy guy named Blue is interested in her, but when she falls for him just to lose her virginity, she gets rejected. Her family then goes bankrupt, forcing her to get a job at The Dot Grill. Under the pressure of financial crisis, she reveals to the media that Mia did some "things" to get where she’s at in the modeling industry, and is kicked off the Spirit Squad. She and Spinner bond while working together, and she soon finds herself being drawn to him. When Holly J. and Spinner get held up at gun point at the Dot, and Spinner is shot, she reveals she loves him. When Blue comes back to see why Holly J. keeps rejecting him, he saves her and Spinner’s lives by calling the police. She then goes to the Black and White Ball and when he calls her "Holly", she seems content. Although, it is hinted that she and Spinner will date in Season 9, it is also hinted that she will run for prom queen. Holly J. has finally learned that there is more to high school than popularity and manipulation. But that does not mean she has lost at being the Queen Bee. Despite her family claiming bankruptcy, it is blue skies for Holly J. this term and there are no limits. She’s tired of being poor and waitressing at The Dot is not producing nearly enough income to keep up with the new privileged kids at Degrassi – Declan and Fiona. But life is too short to complain and Holly J. starts a successful babysitting business.

From Season 9 onward, Holly J. makes a transformation into a much more likable character. She befriends Fiona Coyne and Sav Bhandari, albeit still competitive with them. Holly J. becomes more of a sympathetic character, and when Clare Edwards develops a crush on Holly J's boyfriend Declan and kisses him, Holly J. reassures Clare that she will find her "knight in shining armour", and politely asks Clare (in her typical queen-bee way) not to take hers. At the end of Season 9 and beginning of Season 10, while in Manhattan with the Coynes, Holly J. sees Fiona's jealousy and the following mental-breakdown, and almost calls-it-quits with Declan. However, Holly J. decided to stand by Fiona throughout the latter's extensive counseling and disastrous relationship with abusive boyfriend, Bobby. Holly J. begins to feel like Declan only wants her to live the same life as he's living, and after realizing that she almost lost track of who she really was, decided to break up with Declan. Holly J. begins to develop a crush on Sav while working on a dance, which is quickly reciprocated. They later start a relationship, stating that they will date till the end of high school and then go their separate ways, a deal that works for Holly J and Sav. However, she breaks up with him after finding out that she's not really in love with him. At the start of season 11, Holly J and her friends begin their last semester of senior year.

Season 7[edit]

After Lakehurst burns down, Holly J. attends Degrassi. She's slowly trying to become the Queen Bee. She's the younger sister of Degrassi's infamous mean girl, Heather Sinclair. Holly J. exhibits the same ill-humor and arrogance, cloaking it with a pleasant and somewhat preppy appearance. Her best friend is Anya MacPherson who follows Holly J's every move. Her main goal is to socially destroy all the Degrassi students, starting with her enemies, Darcy Edwards and Manny Santos. Holly J. and Darcy constantly insult each other during Spirit Squad practice until Darcy quits. She then spreads a rumor about Manny being racist after Manny and her ex-boyfriend Damien joke about break-ups, because of Damien being black.

Mia and Holly J. have to share a locker, due to the Lakehurst fire. They frequently insult each other and compete for the affections of Sav Bhandari, who turns out to have feelings for Anya. More tension is made between the two when Mia joins the Spirit Squad and all when Mia tries to separate Anya from Holly J.. Their rivalry reaches a climax when they have to debate in English class about adoption from foreign countries. They fiercely argue and it becomes clear that Holly J. disapproves of Mia being a single mother. Mia then evicts Holly J. from her locker.

After realizing that Anya was beginning to be nice to Mia, Holly J. decides to mistreat her as well, by telling to the entire Physics class that she has dyslexia and making her copy of an old report from Heather for their class, only to tell on her during class. Mia really believed that Anya was going to stop hanging out with Holly J, because of this, but her response was “At least I’m not alone on a Friday night”.

Holly J. falls for Toby Isaacs after he agrees to tutor her in Algebra. Toby is mutually attracted to Holly J., until they are seen together by Anya and her clique of friends, which reminds Holly J. of her social status and causes her to insult Toby. Holly J. then tries to explain to Anya that she is attracted to him and that "they" (She, Anya, and their clique) like Toby. Holly J. then proceeds to apologize to Toby and explain that she is willing to lower her standards and date him, which backfires and causes Toby to reject her accusing her and her friends of being "shallow". Holly J. reacts by calling Anya and telling her they needed to discuss their "Dependence on Boys".

Anya chaired the Free The Children Freedom Fast to promote education and health in Africa. She tries to get Holly J. and Sav to get to know each other and become friends, by making them work together. Holly J. and Sav share some secrets, one which he tells her that later on, he's going to have an arranged marriage. Holly J. tells Anya, trying to break them up. Anya confronts Sav, and he tells her that it would be later on and he wants to fight for them. Anya realizes that Holly J. was trying to ruin their relationship and wants payback. Anya gives Holly J. a cookie during the fast and Holly J. eats it, not knowing there's a camera filming her. Later, Holly J. goes on stage, and Jane calls her the "Cookie Monster" and others throw paper balls at her. Holly J. retaliates to Anya's prank by having pizzas delivered to Degrassi four hours before the fast is over, tempting many of the participants to eat before the end of the fundraiser. Anya reacts to this by ending her friendship with Holly J.

Season 8[edit]

In Season 8, Holly J. is now running the Spirit Squad, which is now called the Power Squad, and has begun to like Mia, as well as remaining friends with Anya. Holly J. also begins the new school year with a list of things to do for the year, like to become student-council president. During cheerleading practice, Anya's not present and Chantay says that she skipped to sleep with Sav. Holly J., feeling insecure about being the only virgin on the squad, plans on losing her virginity. After talking to Chantay, she becomes interested in Blue, a new student who becomes her partner for an art project. When they are alone, Holly J. precedes into trying to have sex with Blue, but he rejects her and she walks away hurt. The next day, Anya comes back and says the reason why she missed practice was that she was sick and denies sleeping with Sav, making Holly J. relieved. Later, Holly J. and Blue are alone again and this time, Blue does want to have sex, but Holly J. rejects him.

Her parents go through financial problems, which Holly J. is desperate to hide. Her current love interest, Blue, was supposed to take her to a Pink Floyd concert, but Holly J. cannot afford it. Because she was so desperate to hide it, she claimed that she was not interested in going with him, which made Blue upset. Later on the episode, after Holly J. tells Anya and the rest of the Power Squad that she can not make it to the cheer competition, they decide that Mia should lead them. Holly J. gets extremely jealous of this and tells a reporter about Mia's sex scandal to get her a job in modeling. Later on, her sister, Heather Sinclair sends her the money that she needs to go to the cheer competition. When she tells the power squad she can go after all, they say that only "team players" are allowed on the squad, angry about what she did to Mia. They soon kick her off of the squad. She later tells Blue that she can make it to the concert, and Holly J. breaks up with him.

She gets ostracized by the whole school when Alli creates an "I Hate Holly J" group on Facerange. Alli later apologizes to her after she gets involved with the police.

She starts liking Spinner who she works with at the Dot and he finds out the truth when they both are involved in a hostage situation. He then tells Holly J. that he is with Jane and would rather become friends. She then decides to go to the Winter dance in which both her and Blue soon start a relationship again.

Season 9[edit]

In Season 9, Holly J. returns for her second semester as a junior. She is shown as Student Council President with her new boyfriend, Blue. She is trying to organize the "Winter Beach Bash" but is overwhelmed with work. Blue makes it apparent he doesn't like how she is doing it, and she gets mad and breaks up with him.

Shortly after, Holly J. and Jane pair up for a project since they were the only girls in the class they were taking. They decided to start a babysitting business when they notice that a lot of mothers need babysitters. They end up becoming good friends. When Holly J. was texting and talking to Jane while driving, she accidentally hits the back of Declan's car. Declan deals with the situation in a sly way and says it's just a government car and when Holly J. asks to exchange insurance he claims that she was asking for his number. That causes Holly J. to develop a crush on him. One day when Jane said she would cover for a babysitter, Holly J. decides to surprise her, but she ends up seeing Declan and Jane kissing. She later confronts Jane and tells her to dump Declan and choose Spinner. Jane takes her advice and ends her secret relationship with Declan. Jane and Holly J. decide to keep their babysitting business and continue their friendship.

Later, Holly J. is handing out Matchmaker forms to the Degrassi student body. After she flirts with Declan, he suddenly finds himself head over heels for her. Later as Holly J. is making school announcements, he embellishes her locker with magnets that spell out "Friday" and a beautiful, red rose held up with tape. As Holly J. enters the hallway, she notices Declan leaning beside her locker, holding out his cellphone as it plays music from one of his favorite bands. She appears to be perplexed, yet pleasantly surprised. Declan then proceeds to impress her by offering her tickets to attend a concert with him, commenting that "strings were pulled." However, she declines his offer, claiming that he "likes low-maintenance girls" and he should "date a Honda", and she is clearly not his type. Declan is appalled that he has just been rejected, as he has the majority of Degrassi's female students wrapped around his finger. He finds the challenge to win her heart quite appealing and does a bit of research. He is assisted by his sister, Fiona, who dishes all the gossip she's heard from Holly J. Sinclair's friends. In computer class, Mr. Simpson takes the class outside to demonstrate how computers are used to develop profiles on people. He asks someone to demonstrate and Declan boldly steps forward. As he states the specifics, less girls step forward until it is Holly J. who stands before him. She is very impressed that he has done his homework. At lunchtime, the results are delivered. Holly J. discovers that she has been matched with Declan. They eat together and converse about his intriguing life, as well as his experience meeting the Dalai Lama. Unfortunately, Trish cuts in and asks Declan about their date. When she sees that Declan is accompanied by Holly J., she scolds him. She also warns Holly J. that his creative story about the Dalai Llama is nothing more than another smooth move Declan likes to pull. Furious, Holly J. storms out of the cafeteria, leaving Declan to reflect in his solitude. The next day at lunch, Holly J. and Declan meet in the music room. He tries to explain to her that he was planning on breaking up with Trish, but she refuses to listen. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Declan is desperate for Holly J. to know the truth. Thus, he lures her into the music room by fibbing that a sandwich has been left behind in there and left behind a distasteful odor in the petite room. She walks in to see for herself, and he locks her in the recording booth. As she yells at him to let her out, he mutes the sound and waits until she has finished venting her frustrations. He, then, turns on the sounds and comes forth, admitting that he has feelings for her and wants to have a real relationship with her. He reveals that he has fallen hard for a girl before, simply to have his heart broken. Declan acknowledges that he has been a player and confesses that he is scared that he feels so much for her. He begs her to give him one more chance, then unlocks the door. As she leaves, Holly J. tells him that she was listening. On Friday while Holly J. is babysitting the kids, Declan makes a surprise visit. He plays with them and Holly J. is struck by cupid's arrow. After, the two love-birds dine out together, indulging in delightful mushroom pizza. The night concludes with them sharing their very first kiss. The following day, Declan ends his relationship with Trish and a new couple is born on the Degrassi scene.

Holly J. gets a mentorship paper and tells Declan. They decide to skip class and end up at the Dot. Declan tells Holly J that her mother is judging for the mentorship position. Later, Holly J. has an interview with Declan's mother, and informs her of their relationship. Declan's mom tells Holly J. that it would not be fair to award her son's girlfriend with the mentorship. Holly J. gets mad and walks out. Later, at the mentorship ceremony, Holly J goes backstage with Declan. They share a romantic moment and begin to kiss. Declan unbuttons her dress, but Holly J is announced as the winner in the midst of the makeout. The curtain is dropped, revealing a half-naked Holly J. Ms. Hatzilakos, Mrs. Coyne, and Mrs. Sinclair have a meeting with Holly J. and Declan. They all agree that the pair should not continue to see each other. Declan does not stand up for Holly J, but Holly J tells Declan that she is still interested in their relationship. Later they sneak into Degrassi with Holly J's keys to have a romantic dinner. They get caught by video surveillance cameras and are called to a second meeting with Ms. Hatzilakos, Mrs. Coyne and Mrs. Sinclair. The adults still disapprove of the situation. This time, Declan gathers up the courage and defies that he and Holly J. will be together no matter the circumstance. Thus, the couple storms out of the office. They share a passionate kiss and a hug while Declan spins Holly J around, both overcome with happiness.

Holly J. seems chummy with Marco. Her and Declan are excited that he'll be their student teacher and he's their friend. When, he starts assigning homework for their class. Holly J. and Declan persuade him to not give it to them and that they won't have to do it because they were busy. Marco is upset but he lets them slide this one time. But, the next time they can't. When he assigns an essay due in 2 days he makes Holly J. and Declan do it. But, at the basketball team victory party Mr. Perino tells Marco that he has to stop letting Holly J. and Declan slide. So he confronts them and tells them that they have to do it no matter what. Holly J. is pissed and texts Marco asking him that she thought he was her friend. Later on, Holly J. and Declan agree to do the work, and Marco is happy.

Sometime after, Holly J. is happy to see Emma back at Degrassi. She questions her about Smithdale College because Smithdale is a choice for her. But, Emma is rude to Holly J and tells her to mind her own business. In the end of the episode Holly J. talks with Emma and Spinner. She tells Emma that she'll be fine no matter what she does. Later on, when Emma is about to leave she tells Emma that she hopes to see her again. Emma thanks Holly J. for all she has done and told her that she is a good person.

During the prom season, Holly J. sets up for the "Night In Paris" prom and gives advice to Anya who is worried that Farrah will steal Sav away. She goes to prom with Declan and has a good time dancing and having fun. The next day when Anya confronts her about the unprotected sex. Holly J. told her that there was a condom machine in the bathroom and that she is taking the pill and she doesn't have to worry. But, Anya tells her that she isn't taking the pill. Holly J. is shocked, and tells her to talk to Sav.

Later, Holly J. turns out to enjoy "Madame Degrassi's" fan-fiction posts. Holly J tells Declan about the posts. She then finds out Clare kisses Declan on the neck and warns her politely to keep off. She reveals that Clare is a very good writer and says if it stops her from wanting to kiss Declan then she should continue.

Holly J. and Declan feel it's time to have sex since they've been going out for 3 months. Before making love Declan gives Holly J. his grandmother's special bracelet. Holly J. is touched and tells him that she loves him. Declan smiles and tells her that it'll then be easier for them to have sex. They then have sex. The next day at school a concerned Holly J. confronts Jane about Declan not telling her that he loves her. Jane tells Holly J. that she doesn't have to worry about it, and that she's sure Declan loves her and he'll tell her when he's ready. A minute after, when Declan is walking to play practice, Holly J. talks to him and asks him if he loves her because he didn't say it back. Declan tells her it's not that simple and Holly J. begins to panic. Meanwhile, at play practice Fiona comes to see Declan. Declan tells her that he is nervous to tell her since last time. Fiona tells him that he's a silly boy.

The next day, Holly J. sees Fiona in the school library and tells her that Declan gave her the bracelet and she wants to give it back because she told him she loves him and he didn't say it in return. Fiona laughs and tells her that it's her and his grandmother's bracelet and Declan only gives it to the people he truly loves. Holly J. asks why he couldn't say it then. Fiona tells her that Declan had a true love and he told her that he loved her and she cheated on him, he doesn't want that to happen again. Holly J. anxious grabs the bracelet and goes to find Declan. When, she finds Declan they talk and make up.

Later on, after finding out that she and her brother are going to move back to Manhattan an excited Fiona tells Declan, Declan is upset and doesn't know how he's going to be able to tell it to Holly J. Later that day Holly J. sees Fiona's facerange status and realizes what is going on. The morning of the play Declan and his mom are talking and Declan tells her that he loves the school and doesn't want to leave it. Holly J. overhears this while walking in. Crushed she asks Declan's mom if she can visit. Mrs. Coyne reluctantly says she can visit all the time. Before, directing the play Declan hacks Holly J.'s email account and emails a Manhattan internship Holly J.'s mentorship video. After the play is over he says, "I love you Holly J." The Manhattan internship is given to Holly J. which she find out by text. She is excited and even more so when she finds out Declan is responsible for this.

In the film Degrassi Takes Manhattan, in order to comfort Jane, Holly J. invites her to New York with Declan, Fiona, and herself. She tours Manhattan with Declan and Jane, until Jane decides to no longer be the third wheel, and Declan and Holly J. begin to go out on extravagant dates. Spending all this time with Declan, Fiona starts to long for the brother/sister time that they used to have in New York, and becomes jealous of Holly J. Fiona manages to also intern at the music channel, and tries to appear that she knows more, and is more qualified than Holly J. When Holly J. becomes even more infuriated with Fiona, she locks Fiona in a room before a live show, giving Holly J. air time. To retaliate, Fiona begins to try to take Declan away from her, by acting sweet in front of him, and telling him horrible things about Holly J. This battle climaxes at a penthouse party, when Fiona kisses her brother, Declan, for the attention. Holly J. is frustrated and leaves the house with Jane. Fiona pretends to faint so Declan will stay with her. This causes Declan to side with his sister, in order to help her out, but the following morning he wins Holly J. back. He tells her Fiona will be moving in with their aunt, and they can live out the remainder of the summer. When Jane wants to head back to Toronto to stop a wedding, the three set out on a road trip because all the flights are booked. When Declan and Holly J. start to slow down the trip, Jane steals the car, leaving them stranded. They however appear again at the end of the movie, at the end of Spinner and Emma's re-commitment vows beach party.

Season 10[edit]

Holly J. leaves New York City and returns to Degrassi for her senior year, continuing a long distance relationship with Declan, who now attends Vanderbilt Prep in New York. She also makes up with Declan's sister, Fiona who has returned from therapy in the Hamptons, the two become good friends throughout the year.

Upon her return, Holly J. discovers that her family has sold their house and will be soon moving into a more affordable apartment. This worries Holly J., as her dreams of attending Yale and being with Declan may be crushed. As she returns to Degrassi she plans to again run for student body president, although she is sure she'll win because she is the only one running, that is until Sav Bhandari decides to run against her in the race for student body president. Holly J. is determined to win, so when she asks Anya if she'll help get revenge on Sav, and get him out of the race and she agrees, Holly J. makes up a lie and tells Sav that Anya is pregnant with his child. Although this initial plan backfires when Anya switches sides when Sav decides to take her back, and Holly J. loses the student body president race, although she is made Vice President.

Holly J finds herself missing Declan, and is excited to go on a trip to tour Yale with him and others until he tells her not to show up. After doing some searching, Holly J finds pictures of Declan with another girl named Tinsley. Assuming he's cheating on her, she breaks up with him via voicemail. Declan makes a surprise visit to Degrassi and says he was being harsh to her so he wouldn't give away the surprise. He still expects Holly J to come with him to Yale though and begins paying for everything she does. After beginning to feel like a kept woman, Holly J and Declan break up for real, leaving both of them heartbroken.

Holly J later find herself lonely without Declan and begins taking an interest in Sav Bhandari, although she still has feelings for Declan. The two later start a secret relationship that was going to be something casual, and nothing serious, and would go their separate ways at the end of the year.

During the dance before winter break, Sav sings a song for Holly J, and gives him a strip tease when the two are alone. The police catch them after the school is put on lockdown and the police searched the school. After the lockdown was over, Principal Simpson told how disappointed he was in the both of them for the decisions they made. He also said that there were going to be some major changes.

Sometime after winter break, Declan returns for the award show where he will be receiving an award for the play he directed last year. He takes this as an opportunity to try to win Holly J back, and is shocked to find that Holly J and Sav have become a couple. Regardless of the news he was told, he still tries to win her back. Holly J attends a party that Declan throws, and after he makes some advances towards her, she tells him nothing is going to happen. Fiona, however, pretends to pass out drunk so Holly J and Declan can take care of her together. Afterwards, Declan starts making more advances towards her, but this time she reluctantly gives in. After that night, Holly J doesn't want to see Declan as she felt pressured into having sex with him. When Fiona tells Declan how Holly J felt, he mistakenly thought she felt he raped her. Declan decides to leave forever, but before he leaves, she tells him that she got into Yale as well, but she is going to need some time to get over what has happened. The two part ways once again.

Shortly after her night with Declan, Holly J is upset to find that Jenna has a crush on Sav. Sav tells Holly J that she kissed him, but it meant nothing and would never hurt her like that. This causes Holly J to fess up about sleeping with Declan when he visited. The two breakup and are both miserable. Jenna, feeling guilty over ruing the relationship helps get the two back together after she reunites with KC. Both Holly J and Sav realize they don't want just a "casual" relationship anymore, and that they have genuine feelings for each other. The two reconcile, get back together, and kiss.

Later on, Holly J becomes very ill while working with Chantay on a work study for Media Immersion. Although, she continually ignores her sickness and pushes herself extremely hard in order to do well. She then resorts to self medicating with many different medicines, this causes her to pass out and hit her head during a class presentation about her work study. She is sent to the hospital where the doctor tells her they must run a few tests in order to find out what's wrong, but when she remembers that she must present her ideas to a city council woman, Holly J leaves the hospital without the doctor knowing. While presenting her ideas to the council woman with Chantay, she begins to experience kidney failure which causes her to wet herself in front of the city council woman and her colleagues. She then calls her mother, and finally decides to go to the doctor. She then learns from the doctor that due to ignoring a case of strep throat for too long, the infection spread to her kidneys. Holly J is then put on a treatment of dialysis.

Shortly after, she returns to New York with Fiona so she could support Fiona in her trial against her abusive ex-boyfriend, Bobby. When she wins, Fiona kisses Holly J, as she has fallen in love with her. Fiona later comes out to Holly J as a lesbian although she is unaware of Fiona's feelings towards her.

After realizing she is not in love with Sav, she breaks-up with him. Anya then reveals that Fiona is in fact, in love with Holly J. Things then become awkward between her and Fiona, and she even tries to push Fiona onto another girl while at a dance. Although they soon patch things up, and Holly J promises Fiona nothing in their friendship will change.

Season 11[edit]

In "Spring Fever", she coaxes Fiona to attend her art class with her, and later encourages her to get to know her crush, Charlie, better. She is still on dialysis. In "LoveGame", Holly J., Anya, and Fiona have a group hug upon realizing this is their last semester in high school together. However, Sav interrupts, and before doing the morning announcements together, Holly J. and he come to terms with their break-up.

In "What's My Age Again?", Holly J., Anya, and Fiona are planning Anya's birthday party and settle on a Paris theme. Her and Fiona tease Anya while she calls Doctor Chris and invites him to the party. Holly J. and Fiona help Anya with her fashion emergency, and later lie for when she sneaks out for her date. The next day, Holly J. tries to comfort Anya over Dr. Chris dumping her, and promises to have a girl's night with her and Fiona that night instead of her party, before leaving for student council. However, when Anya arrives to Fiona's condo, she discovers that Holly J. and Fiona still threw her the party; Holly J. tells Anya she has a guy from Toronto University she wants to introduce her to. Holly J. and Fiona look at each other in shock after Anya tells them her news. In Idioteque, when Fiona finds out that someone hooked up with someone in her bed, she and Holly J. start talking about how that person has low-self esteem, when it reality, it was Anya who hooked up with him. Later, Holly J. and Fiona confront Anya about her wallpost on Facerange, assuming that someone hacked her account. Anya tells them the truth she is the one who slept with Owen, and apparently that makes her pathetic. She leaves and Holly J. and Fiona look at each other in shock and with regret.

In Cry Me A River (1), Holly J. gets her graduate pictures taken, and gives Fiona advice about Charlie, suggesting to spend time and get to know her. In Cry Me A River (2), Fiona unleashes her problems about Charlie onto Holly J. Holly J. hints that she think it is too early for Fiona and Charlie to move in together.

In Paper Planes (1), Anya admits to Holly J. that she tried coke the night before, but promises that she won't do it again. Later, during the volleyball tournament, Holly J. and Anya discuss where Anya is going to live while off at college and the topic changes to Anya's relationship with Owen. Holly J., trying to look out for her friend, tells Anya that she is too good for him. However, Owen overhears their conversation, and sprays Holly J. in the back of the head with Gatorade, leaving her soaked and infuriated. During Anya and Owen's date at the club that night, Owen is still angry about Holly J.'s comment, and tells Anya that she can't hang out with her anymore, calling her "Holly J.'s lapdog". In Paper Planes (2), Anya asks Holly J. for help with her interview so she can get into the only college willing to possibly accept her.

In U Don’t Know (1), Holly J. instructs the girls on how to walk properly down the runway for the Fundraiser Charity Runway event. When they do not meet her expectations, Holly J. demonstrates to them how to walk properly, but she collapses and is unable to get up. Later, at the hospital, the doctor gives her the news that she was dehydrated and that her dialysis isn't working, saying she'll need a transplant soon, as one of her kidneys isn't working properly. At school, Holly J. talks to Fiona, who suggests she rests at home, which she agrees to, and puts Chantay in charge of the runway instead. At dialysis, Holly J.'s doctor tells her that she is the only one in her family with Type A blood, as everyone else has AB, which confuses her. Her mother tells her that she is "one of a kind", but that only serves to worry her more. Later at school, Holly J. shows Fiona pictures of her whole family, but notices that pictures of her don't start until after Christmas of 1993. Fiona tries to soothe her worries, but Holly J. realizes she was adopted, as it explains why there are no pictures of her. After school, when her mother picks her up, Holly J. confronts her about her lack of baby pictures, and her mother tells her that they wanted to wait to tell her when she was older, but at 11-months, they adopted her. Her mother reaffirms her that she is still their child. Later at school, Holly J. decides to look for her birth parents on a government website.

U Don’t Know (2), Holly J tells her mother in the car that no matter what, she won't worry that she was adopted and that her main goal is to find a person who can give her a kidney, she also tells her that her birth mom's name is Dawn and that she's going to call her. Her mother tells her not to lose faith. In the halls, Holly J along with Fiona by her side calls her birth mom and tells her that it's her birth daughter, they make a lunch arrangement at the Dot. Accompanied with Fiona, Holly J goes to meet her birth mom. Dawn, to her surprise has two kids. They talk and when Holly J's about to mention her kidney she chickens out and leaves. While at dialysis Holly J learns that she'll need to find a donor fast because her kidneys are in the process of shutting down and that in the next 12 month she'll need to find someone, also this could ruin her chances of going to Yale. Meanwhile, Fiona does a blood test to see if she is eligible to give her kidney, but the blood test doesn't match, but Holly J tells her mom that she wouldn't put Fi through that. Holly J learns it's pretty much life or death and calls to meet Dawn again. She finally gets the courage and tells Dawn and Dawn agrees to do a blood test although it might be risky. Holly J is walking out of school accompanied with Fiona again, she's nervous because she knows that she's going to get a call from Dawn any moment. Finally her phone rings and she answers. After a few awkward moments she hangs up. Fiona asks happily if she'll do it. Holly J tells her that the tests came back positive, and that she'll do it, but for $20,000; they both sigh.

in Mr. Brightside (1), Holly J. is first seen in Fiona's condo trying on Prom dresses. Holly J. tells Fiona that she doesn't really feel like going to Prom, and that she is drained from all of the dialysis that she's been doing lately. Holly J. also still cannot fathom the fact that she is adopted. Fiona then reminds her that Dawn, her birth mother, also wants 20,000 dollars to donate her kidney. Holly J. then get upset that she is descended from 'a gold digger,' and how she doesn't have the money to pay Dawn for the kidney. Fiona then comforts her by saying she'll pay for the kidney, as a Prom gift. Holly J. says no, but Fiona insists. Fiona then gets a call and tells Holly J. that paying for a vital organ is illegal. Later on, Holly J. meets with Dawn and her two half-siblings, Josh and Breann, at The Dot. Dawn asks Holly J. why she isn't drinking any coffee, and Holly J. replies by saying that she needs to watch her liquids, due to the dialysis. Dawn tells her that it's all going to change soon. Holly J. then confesses to Dawn that she cannot pay for her kidney, and Dawn tells her that she knows that the amount of money she asked for is a lot. Holly J. tells her that it's not about the money, but rather the fact that paying for an organ is illegal, and that it's not against the law if you simply donate it for no cost. Dawn's mood changes rapidly, and she tells Holly J. that her life is nuts. Dawn tells her that after dropping her kids off, she has to work for nine hours, and that her friend (who is a registered nurse) told her that after the surgery, it'll take Dawn approximately three months to recover. Dawn tells Holly J. that she cannot afford to take that kind of time off of work, and that the donor list will come through soon enough. Holly J. replies acerbically, saying that she understands that Dawn is so selfish that she will literally give up a baby without a thought, and that when she has the opportunity to save her life, she lets her down again. Holly J.'s final statement to Dawn is, "You really shouldn't have children if you're not gonna be there for them." Holly J. gathers her belongings and walks out of The Dot. Later on, Holly J. is seen at the hospital, doing her dialysis. Fiona then comes, and asks if she made a connection with Dawn, and Holly J. replies by saying she called her selfish and that she should have never had children. Fiona says she has every right to be upset with Dawn, but Holly J. replies by saying that she's the selfish one - she never attempted to get to know Dawn, and now she never will. Fiona asks what Holly J. is going to tell her Mom, and Holly J. said that she'll simply tell her that Dawn wasn't a match. Fiona tells Holly J. that she has to hang on to hope and that she has to keep on trying, and Holly J. contemplates about what Fiona just said.Later, after Fiona offer to buy Dawn's old Prom Dress for $2,000, she agrees to donate her kidney to Holly J.

In Take a Bow (2), Holly J. and Fiona have a fight, which leads her to reveal that she can't go to prom since she will have her surgery. She and Fiona later make up and Fiona comes up with an idea to have their own prom, along with Anya and Chantay. Holly J., Anya and Chantay all do a hand paint with their initials underneath.

In Dead and Gone (1), Anya and Sav visit Holly J. after her surgery. Anya asked her for prom advice while Sav asked about secret hiding places around Degrassi. In Dead and Gone (2), Holly J. is seen on Anya's iPad, so that she could talk to the gang and see what prom looked like.

In "In the Cold, Cold Night" (1); Holly J comes back to help Fiona with financial problems that her family is facing due to Fiona's mother's arrest.

In "In the Cold, Cold Night" (2); Holly J accompanies Fiona to Degrassi and re-visits where she, Anya and Chantay made their handprints before leaving. She does not enter the building, as she is no longer a student and due to the school still being heavily protected. She is later seen helping Fiona packing for New York where she helps Fiona decide that she wants to stay and sell some of her unneeded clothes to pay for the carnival. Her last appearance is when she is walking with the new couple, Fiona and Imogen and talking about next year. Holly J and Fiona talk about Fiona's next semester at Degrassi with her love life, student council and how, as she puts it, 'Next year's gonna be a hoot'.


  • Toby Isaacs
    • Start Up: Another Brick In The Wall (7.18)
    • Broke Up: Another Brick In The Wall (7.18)
      • Reason: Holly J. is not the type of person that Toby wants to go out with.
  • Blue Chessex
    • First Relationship:
      • Start Up: Didn't We Almost Have It All (8.04)
      • Broke Up: Money For Nothing (8.07)
        • Reason: Blue thought Holly J was selfish.
    • Second Relationship:
      • Start Up: Danger Zone' (8.18)
      • Broke Up: Just Can't Get Enough, Part Two (902)
        • Reason: Holly J felt Blue was pressuring her into being somebody she isn't.
  • Declan Coyne
    • First Relationship:
      • Start Up: Waiting For a Girl Like You (9.09)
      • Broke Up: Somebody (9.10)
        • Reason: Holly J. did not like that Declan listened to his mother about wanting them to break up.
    • Second Relationship
      • Start Up: Somebody (9.10)
      • Broke Up: Try Honesty, Part Two (10.12)
        • Reason: Declan begins to start offering money to relieve Holly J.'s problems.
  • Sav Bhandari
    • First Relationship
      • Start Up: You Don't Know My Name, Part Two (10.14)
      • Break Up: Halo, Part Two' (10.32)
        • Reason: Sav discovered that Holly J. cheated on him with Declan.
    • Second Relationship
      • Start Up: Halo, Part Two (10.32)
      • Break Up: Drop the World, Part One (10.43)
        • Reason: Holly J. believes there is no spark left in their relationship, and she is not in love with Sav.