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Frognerseteren restaurant
Vestby church, cooperation with Henrik Nissen

Holm Hansen Munthe (1848 - 1898) was a Norwegian architect.

Between 1878 and 1885 he cooperated with Henrik Nissen. From 1889 he worked for the Holmenkol-Voxenkol-Selskabet, among others drawing the well-known Frognerseteren restaurant in the so-called dragon style.

Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany, vacationing in Norway, noticed these buildings and commissioned the erection of his Rominten Hunting Lodge in East Prussia; however these buildings were largely destroyed after World War II, remnants of the Lodge are used as the seat of the administration at the Kaliningrad Central Park.[1][2] The Kongsnæs' sailors station in Potsdam was partially destroyed in 1945. Currently it is planned to re-erect the complete complex.[3]

In 1898 Munthe was appointed city architect in Kristiania, but he died before actually assuming office.[1]


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