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The Holmenkollen medal is Norwegian skiing's highest award for competitors. It signifies top placings in international championships and other international events, including the Holmenkollen events.

The medal is mostly awarded to skiers in the Nordic events. Ingemar Stenmark of Sweden earned the medal in 1979 as one of only eleven non-Nordic skiers to receive this honor. Stein Eriksen, King Haakon VII, Boghild Niskin, Inger Bjørnbakken, Astrid Sandvik, King Olav V, Erik Håker, Jacob Vaage and King Harald V and Queen Sonja, all from Norway, are the others.

List of medalists[edit]

Year Medalist Country Sport
1895 Thorn, ViktorViktor Thorn Norway Nordic combined
1897 Nilssen, AsbjornAsbjørn Nilssen Norway Nordic combined
1899 Braaten, PaulPaul Braaten Norway Nordic combined
1899 Pehrson, RobertRobert Pehrson Norway Nordic combined
1901 Refstad, AskelAskel Refstad Norway Nordic combined
1903 Hovelsen, KarlKarl Hovelsen Norway Nordic combined
1904 Smith, HaraldHarald Smith Norway Nordic combined
1905 Holmen, JonasJonas Holmen Norway Nordic combined
1907 Bakken, PerPer Bakken Norway Nordic combined
1908 Kristiansen, EinarEinar Kristiansen Norway Nordic combined
1909 Hansen, ThorvaldThorvald Hansen Norway Nordic combined
1910 Bergendahl, LauritzLauritz Bergendahl Norway Nordic combined
1911 Tangen, OttoOtto Tangen Norway Nordic combined
1911 Holst, KnutKnut Holst Norway Nordic combined
1912 Bjaaland, OlavOlav Bjaaland Norway Nordic combined
1914 Kristoffersen, JohanJohan Kristoffersen Norway Nordic combined
1915 Ostbye, SverreSverre Østbye Norway Nordic combined
1916 Hogvold, LarsLars Høgvold Norway Nordic combined
1918 Horn, HansHans Horn Norway Nordic combined
1918 Hansen, JorgenJørgen Hansen Norway Nordic combined
1919 Haug, ThorleifThorleif Haug Norway Nordic combined
1919 Aasen, OttoOtto Aasen Norway Nordic combined
1923 Stromstad, ThoralfThoralf Strømstad Norway Nordic combined
1924 Okern, HaraldHarald Økern Norway Nordic combined
1924 Grottumsbraten, JohanJohan Grøttumsbråten Norway Nordic combined
1925 Landvik, EinarEinar Landvik Norway Nordic combined
1926 Thams, Jacob TullinJacob Tullin Thams Norway Ski jumping
1927 Haakonsen, HagbartHagbart Haakonsen Norway Cross-country skiing
1927 Lindboe, EinarEinar Lindboe Norway Nordic combined
1928 Hemmestveit, TorjusTorjus Hemmestveit Norway Nordic combined
1928 Hemmestveit, MikkjelMikkjel Hemmestveit Norway Nordic combined
1931 Vinjarengen, HansHans Vinjarengen Norway Nordic combined
1931 Stenen, OleOle Stenen Norway Nordic combined
1934 Hagen, OddbjornOddbjørn Hagen Norway Nordic combined
1935 Rustadstuen, ArneArne Rustadstuen Norway Nordic combined
1937 Hoffsbakken, OlafOlaf Hoffsbakken Norway Nordic combined
1937 Ruud, BirgerBirger Ruud Norway Ski jumping
1937 Vangsli, Martin P.Martin P. Vangsli Norway Cross-country skiing
1938 Andersen, ReidarReidar Andersen Norway Ski jumping
1938 Henriksen, Johan R.Johan R. Henriksen Norway Cross-country skiing
1939 Selanger, SvenSven Selånger Sweden Ski jumping
1939 Bergendahl, LarsLars Bergendahl Norway Cross-country skiing
1939 Brodahl, TrygveTrygve Brodahl Norway Cross-country skiing
1940 GjoslienOscar Gjøslien Norway Nordic combined
1940 Ryen, AnnarAnnar Ryen Norway Cross-country skiing
1947 Rones, EllingElling Rønes Norway Nordic combined
1948 Ruud, AsbjornAsbjørn Ruud Norway Ski jumping
1949 Ruud, SigmundSigmund Ruud Norway Ski jumping
1950 Okern, OlavOlav Økern Norway Cross-country skiing
1951 Slattvik, SimonSimon Slåttvik Norway Nordic combined
1952 Eriksen, SteinStein Eriksen Norway Alpine skiing
1952 Falkanger, TorbjornTorbjørn Falkanger Norway Ski jumping
1952 Hasu, HeikkiHeikki Hasu Finland Cross-country skiing
1952 Karlsson, NilsNils Karlsson Sweden Cross-country skiing
1953 Estenstad, MagnarMagnar Estenstad Norway Nordic combined
1954 Stokken, MartinMartin Stokken Norway Nordic combined
1955 Haakon VII Norway Royalty
1955 Brenden, HallgeirHallgeir Brenden Norway Cross-country skiing
1955 Hakulinen, VeikkoVeikko Hakulinen Finland Cross-country skiing
1955 Stenersen, SverreSverre Stenersen Norway Nordic combined
1956 Niskin, BorghildBorghild Niskin Norway Alpine skiing
1956 Bergmann, ArnfinnArnfinn Bergmann Norway Ski jumping
1956 Hoel, ArneArne Hoel Norway Ski jumping
1957 Kolehmainen, EeroEero Kolehmainen Finland Cross-country skiing
1958 Bjornbakken, IngerInger Bjørnbakken Norway Alpine skiing
1958 Brusveen, HakonHåkon Brusveen Norway Cross-country skiing
1959 Gundersen, GunderGunder Gundersen Norway Nordic combined
1960 Recknagel, HelmutHelmut Recknagel East Germany Ski jumping
1960 Jernberg, SixtenSixten Jernberg Sweden Cross-country skiing
1960 Stensheim, SverreSverre Stensheim Norway Cross-country skiing
1960 Knutsen, TormodTormod Knutsen Norway Nordic combined
1961 Gronningen, HaraldHarald Grønningen Norway Cross-country skiing
1962 Engan, ToralfToralf Engan Norway Ski jumping
1963 Kolchina, AlevtinaAlevtina Kolchina Soviet Union Cross-country skiing
1963 Kolchin, PavelPavel Kolchin Soviet Union Cross-country skiing
1963 Sandvik, AstridAstrid Sandvik Norway Alpine skiing
1963 Yggeseth, TorbjornTorbjørn Yggeseth Norway Ski jumping
1964 Kankkonen, VeikkoVeikko Kankkonen Finland Ski jumping
1964 Mantyranta, EeroEero Mäntyranta Finland Cross-country skiing
1964 Thoma, GeorgGeorg Thoma West Germany Nordic combined
1964 Nas, HalvorHalvor Næs Norway Cross-country skiing
1965 Tiainen, ArtoArto Tiainen Finland Cross-country skiing
1965 Eriksson, BengtBengt Eriksson Sweden Nordic combined
1965 Larsen, ArneArne Larsen Norway Nordic combined
1967 Ellefsater, OleOle Ellefsæter Norway Cross-country skiing
1967 Gustafsson, ToiniToini Gustafsson Sweden Cross-country skiing
1968 Olav V Norway Royalty
1968 Ronnlund, AssarAssar Rönnlund Sweden Cross-country skiing
1968 Eggen, GjermundGjermund Eggen Norway Cross-country skiing
1968 Wirkola, BjornBjørn Wirkola Norway Ski jumping
1969 Martinsen, OddOdd Martinsen Norway Cross-country skiing
1970 Tyldum, PalPål Tyldum Norway Cross-country skiing
1971 Kajosmaa, MarjattaMarjatta Kajosmaa Finland Cross-country skiing
1971 Lammedal, Berit MordreBerit Mørdre Lammedal Norway Cross-country skiing
1971 Hjermstad, ReidarReidar Hjermstad Norway Cross-country skiing
1972 Miettinen, RaunoRauno Miettinen Finland Cross-country skiing
1972 Myrmo, MagneMagne Myrmo Norway Cross-country skiing
1973 Bergsland, EinarEinar Bergsland Norway Nordic combined
1973 Mork, IngolfIngolf Mork Norway Ski jumping
1973 Keller, FranzFranz Keller West Germany Cross-country skiing
1974 Mieto, JuhaJuha Mieto Finland Cross-country skiing
1975 Grimmer, GerhardGerhard Grimmer East Germany Cross-country skiing
1975 Bra, OddvarOddvar Brå Norway Cross-country skiing
1975 Formo, IvarIvar Formo Norway Nordic combined
1976 Wehling, UlrichUlrich Wehling East Germany Nordic Combined
1977 Takalo, HelenaHelena Takalo Finland Cross-country skiing
1977 Kuntola, HilkkaHilkka Kuntola Finland Nordic Combined
1977 Steiner, WalterWalter Steiner Switzerland Ski jumping
1979 Stenmark, IngemarIngemar Stenmark Sweden Alpine skiing
1979 Haker, ErikErik Håker Norway Alpine skiing
1979 Smetanina, RaisaRaisa Smetanina Soviet Union Cross-country skiing
1980 Wassberg, ThomasThomas Wassberg Sweden Cross-country skiing
1981 Satre, JohanJohan Sætre Norway Ski jumping
1983 Aunli, BeritBerit Aunli Norway Cross-country skiing
1983 Sandberg, TomTom Sandberg Norway Nordic combined
1984 Eriksen, Lars-ErikLars-Erik Eriksen Norway Cross-country skiing
1984 Vaage, JacobJacob Vaage Norway Curator
1984 Kogler, ArminArmin Kogler Austria Ski jumping
1985 Boe, AnetteAnette Bøe Norway Cross-country skiing
1985 Bergerud, PerPer Bergerud Norway Ski jumping
1985 Svan, GundeGunde Svan Sweden Cross-country skiing
1986 Pettersen, BrittBritt Pettersen Norway Cross-country skiing
1987 Nykanen, MattiMatti Nykänen Finland Ski jumping
1987 Weinbuch, HermannHermann Weinbuch West Germany Nordic combined
1989 Kirvesniemi, Marja-LiisaMarja-Liisa Kirvesniemi Finland Cross-country skiing
1991 Ulvang, VegardVegard Ulvang Norway Cross-country skiing
1991 Elden, Trond EinarTrond Einar Elden Norway Nordic combined
1991 Vettori, ErnstErnst Vettori Austria Ski jumping
1991 Weissflog, JensJens Weißflog Germany Ski jumping
1992 Valbe, YelenaYelena Välbe Russia Cross-country skiing
1993 Kvanlid, EmilEmil Kvanlid Norway Nordic combined
1994 Yegorova, LyubovLyubov Yegorova Russia Cross-country skiing
1994 Smirnov, VladimirVladimir Smirnov Kazakhstan Cross-country skiing
1994 Bredesen, EspenEspen Bredesen Norway Ski jumping
1995 Ogiwara, KenjiKenji Ogiwara Japan Nordic combined
1996 Di Centa, ManuelaManuela Di Centa Italy Cross-country skiing
1997 Vik, Bjarte EngenBjarte Engen Vik Norway Nordic combined
1997 Belmondo, StefaniaStefania Belmondo Italy Cross-country skiing
1997 Dahlie, BjornBjørn Dæhlie Norway Cross-country skiing
1998 Lundberg, Fred BorreFred Børre Lundberg Norway Nordic combined
1998 Lazutina, LarisaLarisa Lazutina Russia Cross-country skiing
1998 Prokurorov, AlexeyAlexey Prokurorov Russia Cross-country skiing
1998 Kirvesniemi, HarriHarri Kirvesniemi Finland Cross-country skiing
1999 Funaki, KazuyoshiKazuyoshi Funaki Japan Ski jumping
2001 Malysz, AdamAdam Małysz Poland Ski jumper
2001 Skari, BenteBente Skari Norway Cross-country skiing
2001 Alsgaard, ThomasThomas Alsgaard Norway Cross-country skiing
2003 Gottwald, FelixFelix Gottwald Austria Nordic combined
2003 Ackermann, RonnyRonny Ackermann Germany Nordic combined
2004 Chepalova, YuliyaYuliya Chepalova Russia Cross-country skiing
2005 Veerpalu, AndrusAndrus Veerpalu Estonia Cross-country skiing
2007 Estil, FrodeFrode Estil Norway Cross-country skiing
2007 Hjelmeset, Odd-BjornOdd-Bjørn Hjelmeset Norway Cross-country skiing
2007 Harald V Norway Royalty
2007 Sonja Norway Royalty
2007 Ammann, SimonSimon Ammann Switzerland Ski jumping
2010 Bjorgen, MaritMarit Bjørgen Norway Cross-country skiing
2011 Bjorndalen, Ole EinarOle Einar Bjørndalen Norway Biathlon
2011 Greis, MichaelMichael Greis Germany Biathlon
2011 Henkel, AndreaAndrea Henkel Germany Biathlon
2011 Ahonen, JanneJanne Ahonen Finland Ski jumping
2012 Neuner, MagdalenaMagdalena Neuner Germany Biathlon
2012 Svendsen, Emil HegleEmil Hegle Svendsen Norway Biathlon
2013 Berger, ToraTora Berger Norway Biathlon
2013 Fourcade, MartinMartin Fourcade France Biathlon
2013 Johaug, ThereseTherese Johaug Norway Cross-country skiing
2013 Schlierenzauer, GregorGregor Schlierenzauer Austria Ski jumping
2014 Moan, MagnusMagnus Moan Norway Nordic combined
2014 Frenzel, EricEric Frenzel Germany Nordic combined
2014 Morgenstern, ThomasThomas Morgenstern Austria Ski jumping
2014 Domracheva, DaryaDarya Domracheva Belarus Biathlon

Medalist breakdown[edit]

  • 162 medalists total as of 2012.
  • Gender: 137 men, 25 women
  • Skiing discipline: 63 cross country skiers, 27 Nordic combined skiers, 26 ski jumpers, 15 multiple Nordic skiing disciplines (competed in cross country, Nordic combined, and/or ski jumping), 15 Nordic skiers (discipline not listed on information found), 5 biathletes and 11 non-Nordic skiers total (listed above).
  • Nationality: 107 Norwegians, 15 Finns, 11 Germans (combines East Germany, West Germany, and unified Germany), 8 Swedes, 8 Russians (includes the Soviet Union), 3 Austrians, 2 Japanese, 2 Italians, 2 Swiss, 1 Kazakh, 1 Pole, 1 Estonian and 1 Frenchman.
  • Holmenkollen victories: 230.
  • Olympic medals (golds): 323 (136), including the medals of Eriksen and Stenmark.
  • World championship medals (gold): 451 (216), including the medals of Bjørnbakken, Eriksen, and Stenmark.
  • Two uncle-nephew combinations (Lauritz Bergendahl - 1910 and Lars Begendahl - 1939, and Harald Økern - 1924 and Olav Økern - 1950).
  • Two sets of brothers (Hemmestveit - 1928, Ruud - 1937, 1947, 1948).
  • One father-daughter combination (Martinsen - 1969, Skari - 2001).
  • One father-son-grandson combination (Haakon VII - 1955, Olav V - 1968, Harald V - 2007)
  • Four husband-wife teams (Alevtina Kolchina - 1963 & Pavel Kolchin - 1963, Toini Gustafsson - 1967 & Assar Rönnlund - 1968; Marja-Liisa Kirvesniemi - 1989 & Harri Kirvesniemi - 1998; and King Harald V - 2007 & Queen Sonja - 2007).
  • Three athletes who took the Olympic Oath (Falkanger - 1952, Ulvang - 1991, Ogiwara - 1995).
  • Four future doping disqualifications (Yegorova - 1994 (caught in 1997), Lazutina - 1998 (2002), H. Kirvesniemi - 1998 (2001), Chepalova - 2004 (2009)).
  • One future lighter of the Olympic Flame (Belmondo - 1997).