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Holoxica Limited is high tech company which specializes in producing 3D digital holographic images for scientific and medical uses.[1] The company produces 3D images that do not require a specialized box or glasses for viewing.[2] Instead, Holoxica utilizes holoprinting technology to create autostereoscopic (no glasses or goggles required) and full-parallax (viewing of the image from viewpoints above and below as well as from side to side) 3D images. Holoxica is currently developing a pioneering 3D display which will allow for the viewing of randomized holographic images in real time.[3] The company is located at Edinburgh University, Scotland, at the Scottish Microelectronics Centre at the university's King’s Buildings campus.

Company history[edit]

Holoxica was formed in 2008 by Javid Khan to commercialize the results of his doctoral research in Holographic 3D Displays.[4] Holoxica is a high-tech startup company which focuses in two core lines of business: designing innovative 3D holograms and developing a pioneering 3D holographic display system.

Holoxica has historically focused its efforts in the medical and science markets. It has created pioneering medical holograms[5] and the world's first scientifically accurate hologram of a protein for use in biomedical research.[6] Holoxica is attempting to leverage the knowledge gained through its medical and scientific pursuits to expand its market focus and incorporate products which would be suitable for non-professional consumers.

Holoxica are currently hoping to harness the power of the crowd by crowdfunding their next round of funding using UK based equity crowdfunding platform ShareIn.


Holoxica projects have recently received the following awards:

  • November 2011: Nexxus Scotland Award for Scientific Medical Imaging[7]
  • January 2012: SPIE (International Photonics Society) Award for Holographic Displays[8]
  • June 2012 - September 2013: "Rhind Mummy" hologram selected for exhibition at the MIT Museum of Holography[9]

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