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Holy Name of Mary College School
Holy Name of Mary CS logo.gif
Together We Challenge, Aspire and Achieve with God
2241 Mississauga Road
Mississauga, Ontario, L5H 2K8
Coordinates 43°32′32″N 79°38′17″W / 43.542109°N 79.638063°W / 43.542109; -79.638063Coordinates: 43°32′32″N 79°38′17″W / 43.542109°N 79.638063°W / 43.542109; -79.638063
School type Independent School
Religious affiliation(s) Roman Catholic
Founded 1964; reverted to Independent school in 2008
Head of School Marilena Tesoro
Assistant Head of School Eliza Trotter
Grades 5 to 12
Enrollment 163;[1] capped at 500
Language English
Area Mississauga
Colour(s) Blue, Gold ‹See Tfm›    ‹See Tfm›    

Holy Name of Mary College School, located in Mississauga, is Ontario's only independent Catholic school for girls Grades 5 to 12.

From a 25 acre setting[2] Holy Name of Mary College School offers a liberal arts education and follows a non-semester system. With the exception of certain Open courses, such as Music and Physical Education, all courses are offered exclusively at the Academic level and educate girls to university-entrance standards. Vocal music is a key focus at Holy Name of Mary College School;[3] the school has three award winning choirs.

Holy Name of Mary College School is the sister school of St. Michael's College School, a private, Catholic all-boys school in Toronto.


Both Holy Name of Mary College School and Holy Name of Mary Catholic Secondary School trace their origin to the original Holy Name of Mary School founded on 7 September 1964 by the Felician Sisters as a private school for girls. In 1972, the school entered an agreement with the local school board that students in grades 9 and 10 would be publicly funded. In 1987, Holy Name of Mary became a fully funded Catholic secondary school.

The Felician Sisters and St. Michael's College School co-founded the independent Holy Name of Mary College School.[4] In September 2008, Holy Name of Mary reopened as Holy Name of Mary College School, an independent, Catholic all-girls school.

2008 enrollment figures were terrible, however the school community rallied and the school remained open. Father Joe Redican, CSB, and President of St. Michael's College School stated, "there has been incredibly strong community support expressed for the vision of an independent Catholic girls’ school, and specifically for the incredible work the current school is doing in educating the wonderful young women who currently attend."[5][6][7]

On Sunday November 1, 2009 Archbishop Cardinal Thomas Christopher Collins presided at the Blessing and Celebration of Holy Name of College School and students.[8] The Holy Name of Mary College School choir and students from St. Michael's College School provided the music at the mass. Guests included Felician Sisters, Trustees, teachers, alumni, and clergy. The ceremony included a Papal Blessing for the school.

Mission statement[edit]

The mission of Holy Name of Mary College School is to educate young women to their full potential within the teachings and traditions of the Catholic faith. Central to the school's educational philosophy is their focus on providing young women with opportunities to achieve academic excellence, supported by a full co-curricular programme in the arts, athletics, and outdoor education. The school provides students with many experiences, female role models, and a wide variety of leadership opportunities. Students learn in a community that values religion and academic greatness.

Felician Sisters[edit]

The Felician Sisters are co-founders of Holy Hame of Mary College School. Their love, warmth, prayers, encouragement and spiritual guidance have been critical in the development of our school. The school is incredibly thankful for their support and guidance, and forever grateful.[9]

Chapel Programme[edit]

The school community meets twice weekly in the chapel for faith formation and presentations by faculty, students, and guest speakers on topics significant to the growth of each HNM student. Monthly Masses are also held at this time.[10]

International Travel[edit]

2011 marked the inaugural Grade 11 trip to Italy during March Break. The itinerary included Rome, Venice, Florence, and Milan. The Grade 11 students ventured to Italy in 2012 as well, exploring the architecture, art, museums, music, food, culture, and of course, shopping!

2012 marked another chapter in the growth of the school with the Grade 12 students visiting Poland for an International Service Leadership Trip. Accompanied by a Felician sister and teachers, the students volunteered at a kindergarten, soup kitchen, and senior's home. They explored various historic and cultural opportunities, including Mariacki Tower in Kraków, Underground Museum, Philharmonic Concert, Wawel Castle, Salt Mines, museums, Auschwitz, and Zacopane.[11]

Community Involvement[edit]

Helping Hands for Haiti: HNMCS students raised funds to help Frank Chauvin's charitable organization, Holy Name of Mary Food Fund. In March 2009, while the cities of Windsor and Calgary rallied around Frank to help with his rebuilding efforts, the school presented Mr. Chauvin with a cheque for $2,150.

Ride to Conquer Cancer: Approximately 4800 cyclists stopped at Holy Name of Mary College School to take a break from the 200-kilometre charity trek. Student and parent volunteers, overseen by event crews, managed the station. "We are very pleased and honoured to volunteer our facilities, encouragement and support to this year's Ride to Conquer Cancer," said Holy Name president Margaret DeCourcy. "Supporting this great cause will allow our students the opportunity to inspire and motivate others and also to help make a difference in the fight to conquer cancer."[12]

St. Felix Centre: Students collected close to a ton (literally) of food for the St. Felix Centre's Thanksgiving Food Drive. "St. Felix Centre would like to once again, extend a HUGE THANK YOU to the students and staff of Holy Name of Mary College School (HNMCS), for their ongoing support, hard work and dedication to helping St. Felix Centre to help others. The students of HNMCS donate to St. Felix Centre in so many ways year round, and have once again amazed us with their Thanksgiving Food Drive!"[13]

Co-Curricular Programme[edit]

Co-curricular and club options vary throughout the year and offer students a wide range of choices to suit their interests. These include the art club, art studio drop-in, athletic council, basketball, book club, chess club, community outreach, cross-country, dance club, debating club, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, environmental club, FIRST Lego Robotics, Italian club, junior and senior choir, leadership, model United Nations, peer tutoring, public speaking, school newspaper (The Star), soccer, Spanish club, junior and senior student council, swimming, tennis, ultimate frisbee, and yearbook.[14]

A new Mini-Medical School co-curricular program was announced at a special event held at the school on International Women's Day, March 8, 2012. The school, in collaboration with a parent who works at Roche Pharmaceuticals Canada, piloted a Mini-Medical School, an innovative new science program available to students in Grades 5 through 8. This program was created by a parent, we give her many thanks for the everything you have done for us. Mini- Med was not designed by the teachers rather an enthusiastic mother who approached the school to develop the program.

The 10-week hands-on program includes topics such as ER101, DaVinci's Code and CSI, amongst others. The program was created specifically for girls and is instructed by experts from the medical field. The program is intended to inspire young women to explore the health science fields.

The program will be extended to all grades in September, 2012, along with expanded grade appropriate materials.[15]

Award Winning Choirs[edit]


Kiwanis Music Festival of Greater Toronto - Silver Standing - with "Adiemus" (Jenkins), and "Prayer of the Children" (Bestor/Klouse)
Peel Music Festival - TBD

  • The Holy Name Senior Choir will participate in St. Michael's College School music department's five day music tour to New York, New York in April, 2013.

Peel Music Festival - TBD

Peel Music Festival - TBD


Peel Music Festival - 1st Place - with "Seal Lullaby" (Whitacre), and "In Paradisum" (Faure/Rentz)
Kiwanis Music Festival of Greater Toronto - Silver Standing - with "Ave Maria" (Caccini/Liebergen), and "Pie Jesu" (Pyrtle/Althouse)
Kiwanis Music Festival of Greater Toronto - Silver Standing - with "Lift Thine Eyes" (Mendelssohn/Robinson), and "Seal Lullaby" (Whitacre)

  • The Holy Name Senior Choir participated in St. Michael's College School music department's five day music tour to Boston, Massachusetts in April, 2012. This invitation was a testament to the excellence of the choir and to St. Mike’s commitment to Holy Name.

Peel Music Festival - 2nd Place - with "Siyahamba" (Moore), and "Mo Li Hua" (Gallina)

Peel Music Festival - 1st Place - with "As I Walked Through London City" (arranged by Ken Berg), and "All Things Bright and Beautiful" (John Rutter)


Peel Music Festival - 1st Place - with "Lift Thine Eyes" (Mendelssohn/Robinson), and "A Blessing" (Sirett).
The International Festival of Religious Song - 2nd Place - with "Raise Me Up" (Becker/Cuddy), and "Pie Jesu" (Pyrtle/Althouse)[16]
The Ontario Music Festival - 3rd place - with "Lift Thine Eyes" (Mendelssohn/Robinson), and "A Blessing" (Sirett)[17]

  • At The Peel Music Festival, the Senior Choir was judged by one of Canada’s foremost choir adjudicators and conductor of the Ontario Youth Choir, Dr. Hilary Apfelstadt who told the choir that they “sing like angels.”
  • The Senior Choir also performed at St. Michael’s Spring Concert in the St. Michael's College School Centre for the Arts on May 12, 2011 as well as Peel's Stars of the Festival concert at the Rose Theatre in Brampton on May 28, 2011.

Peel Music Festival - 1st Place - with "Little David Play on Your Harp" (Berg), and "Dance of the Willow" (Ebel-Sabo)


Peel Music Festival - 1st place - with "Ave Maria" (Caccini/Liebergen), and "Oh Shenandoah" (Althouse)

  • The school's choir placed first at the 2010 Peel Music Festival in the Secondary School Choir category. This was a major accomplishment for the girls given the choir was formed in December 2009. They were new to the competition and were up against some well established and very experienced competitors. Awarding the first place standing to Holy Name of Mary College School of Mississauga, adjudicator Jean Ashworth Bartle, founder of the internationally acclaimed Toronto Children’s Chorus, praised the students, describing their performance as "a very beautiful, moving performance with a lovely body of tone, with very good intonation." HNMCS President, Margaret DeCourcy, who was in attendance at the competition said, "We are absolutely thrilled with these outstanding results. We are very proud of our students and this success is a testament to their enthusiasm, passion and commitment to their singing. This recognition goes not only to the choir members; it is an accolade for the school as a whole."

Choir Directors[edit]

  • The HNMCS Senior Choir consists of students in grades 9 through 12 and is co-directed by Charlene Santoni and Sarah Di Mauro
  • The HNMCS Intermediate Choir consists of students in grades 7 through 8 and is directed by Sarah Di Mauro
  • The HNMCS Junior Choir consists of students in grades 5 through 6 and is directed by guitarist Miryam Mendoza

*The HNMCS Choir's accompanist is Natalie Rebello

Duke of Edinburgh Award[edit]

On Saturday, November 27, 2010, 78 participants from across the GTA and Ontario were presented with their Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award by Marc Kielberger, co-founder of Free the Children, at a ceremony held at HNMCS.

The school's principal,Margaret DeCourcy, remarked, “The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award has become an important pillar in the education of young women at HNMCS as it is designed to encourage the qualities of self-reliance, initiative, self-improvement and personal responsibility. Students who achieve this Award become active, healthy and involved in their community, which is essential for their future and the future of our communities.”

Jill Hermant, Executive Director of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award said, “We are appreciative of all the support HNMCS is providing the Award on this occasion, over and above the stellar programme they run themselves.”[18]

House System[edit]

The House system is designed to create friendly competition, camaraderie, school spirit and a sense of community. All students are designated to one of four Houses, each named after a star, upon arrival at Holy Name. Houses have opportunities to gain points for various activities throughout the year and compete to be the top House. Note: Bella is short for Bellatrix[19]

House Meaning
Bella Warrioress
Chara Joy
Electra Bright and Shining
    Nashira         She Who Bears Good News     

Bursaries and Tuition[edit]

Holy Name of Mary College School is an independent school, however tuition is not intended to exclude students on a financial basis. An income-based bursary program is available for those in need of financial assistance. Families are encouraged to seek financial assistance when it is required. Families apply for bursaries during the application process to Holy Name of Mary College School.

Tuition and fees include all academic fees and an annual Outdoor Education trip to Camp Wanakita. The tuition fee for the 2012/2013 school year is $13,950. This however does not include uniforms or textbooks/fieldtrips.[20]

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