Homa Hotel Group

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Homa Hotel Group
Industry Hospitality & Tourism
Founded Tehran 1979
Founder Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
Area served
Key people
Website www.homahotels.com

Homa Hotel Group is a subsidiary of Iran Air, which owns a chain of five-star hotels in major cities of Iran. These hotels are located in Tehran, Shiraz, Bandar Abbas as well as two hotels in Mashad. All the hotels were constructed prior to 1979, with the exception of the second Mashad hotel, which was built in the late 1990s.

The group was established by the government after the 1979 Iranian revolution, and has more than 900 rooms.

Most of the hotels were under private control prior to 1979 but were nationalized soon after. The most famous of these was the Homa Hotel Tehran which used to be the Arya-Sheraton Hotel prior to being nationalised in 1979.

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