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Home Video
Origin Brooklyn, New York, United States
Genres Electronic, indie rock
Years active 2004–present
Website www.homevideo.fm
Members David Gross
Collin Ruffino

Home Video is an American electronic rock band from Brooklyn, New York. The group is composed of David Gross (keyboard/bass/sequencer) and Collin Ruffino (vocals/guitar), with live shows featuring Jim Orso on drums.


Originally from New Orleans,[1] David Gross and Collin Ruffino began playing music under the name Home Video name when they both moved to New York. It was there that they were discovered by Warp Records, who put out the band's first two releases in 2004, the That You Might 10 inch and the Citizen EP, which garnered the attention of such outlets as BBC Radio 1, NME and Rolling Stone. In 2006, Defend Music released the band's first full-length, No Certain Night or Morning, accompanying by a 12 inch for the single "Penguin," which included a remix by DFA Records's Tim Goldsworthy. From this album, DJ Sasha later picked two songs to remix for Invol2ver, which also included reworked songs from Ladytron, M83, and Apparat. Following this release, in 2009 the band released the It Will Be Ok EP. Outside of recording, the band has toured with Blonde Redhead, Colder, Yeasayer and has opened up for acts such as Justice, Flying Lotus, Radio 4 and Pinback. Additionally, the band has produced remixes for Bang Gang ("The World is Gray"), Modwheelmood ("Going Nowhere") and Faunts ("Explain").

Film and TV[edit]

Home Video's music have appeared in various film and TV programs throughout the years. This includes "Superluminal" in The OC, "You Will Know What To Do" in the season 3 opener of ABC's Private Practice, "Business Transaction" in Grey's Anatomy season 7 episode 2, as well as "I Can Make You Feel It" in the closing of Season 2 Episode 19 of Gossip Girl. In addition, several songs including "We," "Melon" and "Sleep Sweet" have been used in the hit series CSI. "Every Love That Ever Was" featured in season 3 episode 21 of 90210. Their song, "That You Might", appeared in the 2006 video game, Driver Parallel Lines.



  • "Sleep Sweet"[2]
  • "I Can Make You Feel It"[3]
  • "Live at Mercury Lounge (New York City)"[4]


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