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Homen Borgohain
Born 7 December 1932 [1]
Assam, India
Occupation Author, Journalist, Poet, Editor.
Nationality Indian
Genre Assamese literature
Notable works Pita-Putra (novel)

Homen Borgohain(Assamese: হোমেন বৰগোহাঞি) is an eminent Assamese writer and journalist. He is currently working as the chief-editor of popular Assamese daily Amar Asom.[2] He was awarded the 1978 Sahitya Akademi Award in Assamese language for his novel, Pita Putra.[3]

Homen Borgohain is one of those few Assamese writers whose works have attracted the attention of a wide number of readers and many acclaimed critics alike. He has carved a niche for himself in the domain of Indian literature by the magic of his words and his refined and dignified personality. He is one of those rare artists who has allowed the flow of life to find its own form in art.

Though he is a natural columnist, yet his multifaceted genius exhibits its prowess in the genres of novel, short story and poetry with equal aplomb. He is a prolific writer but that has in no way jeopardized his own artistic integrity. Writing for him is a deep ethical commitment. In spite of having rural roots, Borgohain's work shows a deep understanding about urban Complexitys. In the early phase of his life Borgohain led an almost bohemian existence and the reflection of that particular life can be visualized in many of his early stories. Borgohain first edited an Assamese weekly News paper 'Nilachal' and later he edited another Assamese weekly 'Nagarik'. Afterward, he served as a senior staff of Bangali Daily Newspaper 'Ajkal'. Borgohain's editorial articles of Nagarik and Nilachal are edited by Dr. R. Sabhapandit and published in two volumes in Assamese.


Born in a small village in Lakhimpur, Borgohain came to Guwahati after completing matriculation and joined Cotton College for higher studies.[4] He married Nirupama Tamuli, famous in Assam as Nirupama Borgohain : one of the most popular writers of her generation and an exponent of early feminist writings in Assam. They have two sons, Anindya Borgohain and Pradipta Borgohain, and three grandchildren – Manalika, Arunita and Jahnvi. Nirupuma, too won the Sahitya Akademi Award for her novel Abhijatri. Their son Pradipta Borgohain is also a writer and academic who teaches at the Gauhati University. Their elder son, Anindya, apart from working with a bank, is also a freelance writer in Assamese. The writer couple wrote a novel called Puwar Purobi Sandhyar Bibhash, which is the first and perhaps the only joint-novel written in Assamese. Sahitya Akademi Award winner Rita Chowdhury's best-selling as well as controversial novel Popiya Torar Sadhu probably derives inspiration from Homen Borgohain and Nirupuma Borgohain's life.


Though Borgohain has penned many controversial and thought provoking works like Subala, Pita Putra, Timirtirtha, Kushilab, the novels in which he most successfully scans the existence of man with all its complexities are Astarag and Edinar Diary. In Astarag, Borgohain shows us what it means to be alive in a world a full of pain and suffering. The heartrending agony of old age is portrayed so vividly in the novel that the readers are drowned in a well of sympathy for both Dilip and his father. Borgohain strives to prove the truth that life is an indefinite reprieve from death and to be alive is to gradually wither away.

In Edinar Diary, Borgohain goes one step forward and tries to understand the essence of existence with a philosopher's profound quest for truth. Borgohain is a widely read man and the gems of his erudition are scattered throughout the pages of the book which help us to come to terms with our existence in a better way. The sense of alienation, despair, boredom all find manifestations in that particular work and we close the book with an enhanced understanding of our existence. As one character, Aditya Baruah says towards the end of the novel – "Life must be having a meaning; I will endeavour to find out that meaning from today".

He wrote all the novels after doing a great amount of research. Some of his novels contain a part of his life. Pita Putra, Astarag,Saudar Puteke Nao Meli Jai are such examples. Matsyagandha, is one of his most famous works—the story of Menaka, a lower caste woman. It was made into a major motion picture with Nikumoni Barua in the lead character.

Currently, he serves as the editor of Amar Asom, the most prestigious daily newspaper in Assam. He is known to encourage and discover a host of new writers in Assam who are established names in Assam now; such as Arnab Jan Deka, Anuradha Sharma Pujari, Manikuntala Bhattacharya, Pranab Kumar Barman, Jayanta Saikia, Anamika Bora, Archana Borthakur, Dhanada Devi, Aruni Kashyap, Nirmal Sahewalla, Pranay Phukan and many more. Indira Goswami mentions fondly how she was encouraged by Homen Borgohain to write her autobiography, which went on to become a legendary book in Assamese literature. Homen Borgohain's style of personal essays, that effortlessly combines with the social and the political is called "Homenism" by a critic in Satsori journal, one of many literary publications he founded and edited.<--Recently,he established an organisation to help the physically and mentally handicapped people,named as "KARUNADHARA"[citation needed]-->





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