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Homepride is a UK food brand, owned by Kerry Group for flour, and Premier Foods for pre-prepared cooking sauces.


An old painted Homepride advert

In 1963, a technological breakthrough in flour production meant that bakers no longer needed to sift their flour. The new flour product was launched under Spillers Homepride brand. In 1974, Homepride launched a range of pre-prepared cooking sauces.[1]

In 1979 Spillers was acquired by Dalgety plc after a hostile take-over battle.[2] The company's bakery business was spun off and sold to Allied Bakeries,[3] who in the 2000s sold the flour brand to Kerry Group.

Dalgety retained the brand rights for the production of pre-prepared cooking sauces. After acquisition by the Campbell Soup Company, Homepride sauces became a sponsor of the UK Police Procedural TV Show The Bill, when their slogan was "the one with the bag". In 2006 the sauce brand was acquired by Premier Foods.

Homepride Fred[edit]

Homepride uses a cartoon character named "Fred the Flour Grader" as part of its marketing. Fred was created by the Geers Gross advertising agency in 1964.[4] [5] Since 1965 the company has used the advertising slogan catchphrase "Because graded grains make finer flour", employing such voice-over artists as John Le Mesurier.[6]


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