Homophobia in the Latino community

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Homophobia in the Latino community is prevalent within the United States.[1][2]

Many Latinos feel like a double minority for being both an ethnic minority and a sexual minority.[3][4][5]

A GHN news editor stated that homophobia in the Latino community is tied to a value system that finds it difficult to accept overt sexuality. It is also a part of rigid gender roles and machismo. This has led to many people with HIV/AIDS not getting tested in the Hispanic community.[6] Covert homophobia in the use of terms such as "That's so gay" and "No homo" are also common.[7] There are many Spanish slurs referring to homosexuals including "pato", "puto", "marikita", "maricon" and "punal". Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Yunel Escabar was banned from playing after writing the phrase "tu ere' maricon" on his eye tape. He defended his position saying "For us, (the word) doesn't have the significance to the way it's being interpreted now." "It's a word without meaning." Hector Conteras, a DJ, asked his listeners to denounce homosexual behavior. Some say it's because of the deep religious feeling of Latino culture.[8]


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