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The Honda NSR150 was a motorcycle produced in Thailand and Malaysia by Honda and Taiwan as Honda NSR by Kymco and also manufactured under the name Kymco NSR. The early Taiwanese NSR150 was produced with engines from Japan, but was later cast in Taiwan by Kymco which in the beginning was of less pure quality than the Japanese ones.

The Taiwanese NSR150 had lower power than the ones made in Thailand because the carburetor was smaller and the ports in the cylinder had slightly different size. It is common to switch to a Thailand made cylinder in NSR racing in Taiwan. Due to a significant amount of warranty claims the CDI was programmed to open and then close the RC valve because running cheap 2 stroke oil reduced the power of the engine further.

The Taiwan made NSRs made about 20 hp while the Thailand ones produced about 30 hp.

The Taiwanese and Thai NSR150's are quite closely related sharing the same stroke and appearance.

Kymco's spare parts supply for Taiwan NSR's are slowly declining with slowed production and competition from easily available aftermarket parts.

YSS aftermarket rear suspension has been available for Taiwan NSR's since year 2000.

An interesting fact is that Kymco's 2010 Quannon Naked's 37MM front fork assembly can be nearly directly transplanted on Taiwan made NSR's with the help of a small CNC-ed washer, directly addressing the problem with "head float" under hard acceleration and stability at higher speeds.

An NSR 150SP currently holds the Bonneville SCTA Land Speed Record for Production 175cc motorcycles at 104.4 mph.[citation needed]