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Original Model of Honda Sonic RS

The Honda Sonic is a 125 cc underbone designed for the South East Asian market by Honda. It belongs to the Honda Nova series of sports oriented underbone motorbikes produced since the mid-1990s. The Sonic is manufactured in Thailand by Honda Motors. Then it is exported to other countries of South East Asia such as Singapore, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. The Honda Sonic is unavailable in Malaysia and Philippines due to design and safety regulations.

RS Super Sonic


The Honda Sonic is fitted with the European Honda CBR125R and Indonesian Honda CS12RR A.K.A Honda CS-1 four-stroke engine. It was adapted to liquid cooling due hotter weather conditions. The single-cylinder engine redlines at 10,900  rpm. This small engine utilize overbore design with two bigger valve. It also has bigger keihin carburetor with 28mm venturi diameter. Technical specification from A.P. Honda : 124.77 cc Liquid Cooled 11:1 Compression Ratio Keihin AVK28 Vacuum Carburetor


The Honda Sonic comes in two models. One with mag wheels (RS Super), and one with normal wheels (RS). Both of these versions come with a mandatory kick start. The customer may choose to include electric start for an extra price.