Honduran Cup

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Honduran Cup
Founded 1968
Region Honduras
Number of teams 10
Current champions Olimpia
Most successful club(s) Real España
(2 titles each)

The Honduran Cup was the top knock-out football tournament in Honduras. The first tournament was played in 1968, four years later the second tournament took name Copa Presidente (President's Cup) in honor of Dr. Ramon Ernesto Cruz later General Oswaldo López Arellano changed the name and called it Copa Jefe de Estado. 20 years later the third tournament was played. From 1992 to 1994, the Cup tournament was played as a separate tournament from the league (played from June to August). From 1995 to 1999, the winner of the first stage of the league tournament was declared Cup champion.[1]


On May 2013, the National League and the Liga de Ascenso proposed to reactive the tournament in the near future. The new Cup would consist of 10 first and 8 second division clubs.[2] The tournament hasn't been played since 1998. The tournament would run for an entire year starting 2014.


Season Champion Runner up
1968 Motagua Real España
1972 Real España Marathón
1992 Real España Victoria
1993 Real Maya Motagua
1994 Marathón Real Maya
1995 Olimpia Motagua
1996 Platense Victoria
1997 Platense Motagua
1998 Olimpia Motagua
1999 discontinued...

Titles by club[edit]

# Club Champion Runner-up
1 Real España 2 1
2 Platense 2 0
. Olimpia 2 0
4 Motagua 1 4
5 Marathón 1 1
. Real Maya 1 1
7 Victoria 0 2

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