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Honeoye Creek is a tributary of the Genesee River in western New York in the United States. Honeoye (pronounced ‘hʌ.ni.,ɔɪ or HONEY-oy)[1] is a Seneca word translated as "a lying finger," or "where the finger lies."[2]

Honeoye Creek emerges from the north end of Honeoye Lake, one of the Finger Lakes, in Richmond, Ontario County. The hamlet of Honeoye within Richmond is located on the creek where it passes under US Route 20A.

As Honeoye Creek flows northward, it is joined by the Hemlock Outlet Creek and then becomes the border between Ontario County and Livingston County. The stream flows into Monroe County, passing the village of Honeoye Falls in Mendon, where it flows over a waterfall.

Honeoye Creek then continues in a westerly direction enters the Genesee River in West Rush, near Avon.

Annual flow averages about 100 cubic feet per second (3 m³/s) at Honeoye Falls.

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