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Honeypot is literally:

But as a metaphor, a honeypot or a honeytrap may refer to:

  • Espionage recruitment involving sexual seduction in
  • A type of sting operation such as a
    • Bait car
    • Honeypot indicator non-standardize ways to measure inequality that exist in respect to accessing R&D expenditure between men and women
    • Honeypot (computing), a trap to help fight unauthorized computer access
  • Honeypot (tourism), a honey pot site is a particularly popular visitor attraction which attracts tourists, and sometimes locals, in large numbers.
  • King Protea, a common name for the flowering plant Protea cynaroides
  • Honeypot ant, one of several species of ants
  • The Honey Pot, a 1967 film starring Rex Harrison and Susan Hayward
  • "Honeypot", a song by Beat Happening on their self-titled album

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