Honeywell HTF7000

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MAN 7 5 11 (5696845493).jpg
A Honeywell AS907 installed on a Avro RJX prototype
Type Turbofan
National origin United States
Manufacturer Honeywell Aerospace
Major applications Bombardier Challenger 300
Gulfstream G280
Embraer Legacy 500
Embraer Legacy 450

The Honeywell HTF7000 is a turbofan engine produced by Honeywell Aerospace. Rated in the 6500-7500 lbf class, the HTF7000 is used on the Bombardier Challenger 300, and is planned for the new Gulfstream G280, Embraer Legacy 500 and Embraer Legacy 450.

The engine was originally designated the AS907 which was changed in 2004 to HTF7000, the AS907 designation is still used for legal and regulatory use.[1]


HTF7000 / AS907
The original variant of the engine. Developed for the Bombardier Challenger 300.
Higher thrust variant of the AS907, designed at the same time, intended to power BAE System's Avro RJX.[2] The aircraft was cancelled after 3 airframes were built and flown and subsequently this engine variant never entered full production.
Variant developed for use on the Gulfstream G280[3]
Variant developed for use on the Bombardier Challenger 350.
7000 lbf (31 kN) variant developed for the Embraer Legacy 450 and the Embraer Legacy 500 business jets.[4]


Specifications (HTF7000)[edit]

Data from[citation needed]

General characteristics

  • Type: Turbofan
  • Length:
  • Diameter: Fan: 34.2 in (0.87 m)
  • Dry weight: 1,364 lb (618.7 kg)


  • Compressor: 1-stage fan, 4-stage axial IP compressor, 1-stage centrifugal HP compressor.
  • Combustors: annular combustor
  • Turbine: 2-stage HP turbine, and 3-stage LP turbine
  • Fuel type: Aviation kerosene
  • Oil system: pressure spray with scavenge and dry sump



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