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The Hong Kong Film Critics Society (HKFCS; Traditional Chinese: 香港電影評論學會), founded in 1995, is the first organization of film critics and professionals in Hong Kong. It is also a member of FIPRESCI.


Hong Kong has for long lacked an organization or society of film critics. This situation has been redressed by a group of veteran film critics and culture-workers involved in the film culture movement in Hong Kong. They held several planning meetings and, in March 1995, ultimately established the Hong Kong Film Critics Society.


The objectives of the Hong Kong Film Critics Society are:

  • to unite all critics who share our common goal;
  • to foster an independent spirit of film criticism;
  • to encourage critical writing on Hong Kong cinema from the perspectives of culture and art;
  • to reaffirm the achievements of Hong Kong cinema.[1]


  • 1995-1999: Li Cheuk-To (李焯桃)
  • 2000-2001: Freddie Wong Kwok-Shiu (黃國兆)
  • 2002-2003: Po Fung (蒲鋒)
  • 2004-2007: Shum Long-Tin (朗天)
  • 2008-2011: Bryan Chang Wai-Hung (張偉雄)
  • 2012-2013: Ernest Chan Chi-Wa (陳志華)

Film criticism and film awards[edit]

The society maintains its concern with the policies of the government regarding cultural bodies and the cinema. This is in order that the society wishes to uphold the concept of the freedom of speech with regard to film criticism, to raise the standards of film criticism and promote the exchange of film culture. For this purpose, the society will publish annual journals of Hong Kong film reviews and books on specific film discoveries, as well as present the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards each year to the best film, best director, best actor, best actress and best screenplay of the year. These awards are determined by votes cast in three rounds in a plenary session of the society.

Film education[edit]

To promote film education, the society works with other organisations to offer courses on film appreciation.


The society also places great value on its quarterly journal HKinema, launched in 2007.


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