Hong Kong one-cent coin

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One cent
Hong Kong
Value 0.01 HKD
Mass 4.05 g
Diameter 21.5 mm
Thickness 1.80 mm
Edge Plain
Composition Bronze
Years of minting 1863 –1866, 1875-77, 1879-81, 1899-05, 1919, 1923-26, 1931, 1933-34, 1941
Catalog number -
Design George VI of the United Kingdom
Design date ?
Design Hong Kong and value in English and Chinese

The one-cent coin, introduced in 1863, was the smallest-denomination coin of the Hong Kong dollar from 1866 to 1941. Coins were minted irregularly. The last issue was mostly lost because of World War II. It had two different sizes, the larger one was replaced in 1931.

The initial coin was 17 mm in diammeter, 1.8 mm thick and weighed 7.53 grams. The obverse featured the reigning British monarch: it was introduced under Queen Victoria and later featured Edward VII and George V. Like the smaller version issued beginning 1932, it was made of bronze. The smaller version started under George V, the final issue in 1941 was the only one to feature George VI. The royal titles were written in the English language, as opposed to the Latin written on British coins. While the monarchs wore crowns on the coins, it was not until the decimalisation of the British pound in 1971 that they would wear crowns on British coins.

smaller coin



  • H = Heaton
Year[1] Mintage
1902 5,000,000
1903 5,000,000
1904H 10,000,000
1905 2,500,000
1905H 12,500,000
1919H 2,500,000
1923 2,500,000
1924 5,000,000
1925 2,500,000
1926 2,500,000
1931 5,000,000
1933 6,500,000
1934 5,000,000
1941 5,000,000


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