Hong Seok-cheon

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Hong Seok-cheon
Born (1971-02-03) 3 February 1971 (age 44)
Cheongyang, South Chungcheong, South Korea[1]
Nationality South Korean
Alma mater Hanyang University
(B.A. Theater, 1989)[1]
Occupation Actor, restaurateur and politician
Known for Actor, restaruateur entrepreneur
Spouse(s) none
Children 2 (adopted)
This is a Korean name; the family name is Hong.
Hong Seok-cheon
Revised Romanization Hong Seok-cheon
McCune–Reischauer Hong Sŏkch'ŏn

Hong Seok-cheon (hangul:홍석천, hanja:洪錫天, born February 3, 1971) is a South Korean actor, broadcasters, restaurateur and member of the Democratic Labor Party.[2]He was a male model and actor before causing considerable controversy in his home country when he came out as gay in 2000. Hong is the most prominent openly gay celebrity in Korea.[3][4]


Hong was born in Cheongyang town, Cheongyang county in South Chungcheong. Hong Seok-cheon appeared on South Korean television, including children's programmes and variety shows.[4]After revealing his homosexuality, the network fired him from his prime-time variety show, and he went on to be selected by Time magazine as the 2004 Asian Hero.[2]He also appeared in the thriller films Ggotcheul deun namja (English release title Man Holding Flowers) in 1997, and the 2001 film Hera Purple as well as a 1998 romantic release titled Tie a Yellow Ribbon.

In 2005 he appeared with his parents on the Korean talk show Lee Honglyol, Park Ju-mi's Yoyumanman to discuss his life since coming out.[5] After his sister's divorce he adopted her children and changed their last names to his. In 2008 he hosted his own television talk show, "Coming Out", a program that featured the lives of homosexuals.[6]

In 2012 he appeared on popular variety show Strong Heart.He also appeared on Korean variety shows Happy Together in 2013 and 2014 and Running Man in 2014 as a guest. He was a guest in Barefoot Friends for the homemade healthy food segment. He was a guest in King of TV rating and Radio Star. He was also a guest in QTV's A Woman Who Ranks. He recently appeared as a meddler in We Got Married in 2014. He also is in process in co-hosting a Transgender show with a comedian Shin Dongyeop soon. In August 2014, he was a special guest on Non-Summit In August 2014, he was in MBC's documentary People are Good.[7]



  • People are Good (MBC 2014)
  • Roommate(SBS 2014)



  • A Midnight Night's Dream



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