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Spouse Lady Donggo
Lady Zhong
Lady Tian
Issue Yongshen
Full name
Aisin-Gioro Hongshi
House House of Aisin-Gioro
Father Yongzheng Emperor
Mother Consort Qi
Born (1704-03-18)March 18, 1704
Died September 20, 1727(1727-09-20) (aged 23)
Traditional Chinese 弘時
Simplified Chinese 弘时

Hongshi (Manchu: Hungši; 18 March 1704 – 20 September 1727) was a Manchu prince of the Qing Dynasty.


Hongshi was born of the Manchu Aisin Gioro clan as the third son of the Yongzheng Emperor. His mother was Consort Qi, who was surnamed Li.

Instigated in part by his uncle Yinsi, Hongshi plotted against his younger half brother Hongli (the future Qianlong Emperor) for succession to the throne. As a consequence, he was stripped off his titles and forced to commit suicide by hanging himself in 1727. This was due to the Yongzheng Emperor's personal prolonged struggle against his brothers for the throne and their constant sabotages of his policies even after he became emperor. Hongshi was expelled from the Aisin Gioro clan in 1727 after his death but was posthumously rehabilitated in 1735 after the Qianlong Emperor was enthroned.


  • Spouses:
    • Primary spouse: Lady Donggo (棟鄂氏), daughter of Imperial Secretary (尚書) Xi'erda (席爾達)
    • Concubines:
      • Lady Zhong (鐘氏), daughter of Zhong Da (鐘達)
      • Lady Tian (田氏)
  • Children:
    • Yongshen (永珅), son, died at the age of three

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