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수원 화성 홍이포.jpg
Type smoothbore muzzle-loading cannon
Place of origin  Dutch Republic
Service history
In service Early 17th – late 19th centuries
Used by Ming Dynasty, Korean Empire Joseon Dynasty, Qing dynasty Qing Dynasty
Wars Byeongin Yangyo, Sinmi Yangyo, Ganghwa Island incident
Production history
Designed Late 16th century
Produced Early 18th century
Number built 2
Weight 1800 kg
Length 2.15 m

Caliber 12 cm
Barrels 1
Effective firing range 700 m
Maximum firing range 2-5 km

The Hongyi-po (紅衣大炮) was a smoothbore muzzle-loader cannon introduced to China and Korea from the Dutch Republic in the late 16th century. It was called the Hongyi-po ("Red cannon") by the Chinese and Koreans because the Chinese called the Dutch 紅夷 ("Red Barbarians").

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