Honolulu Film Awards

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Honolulu Film Awards
Location Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii
Country United States
Official website honolulufilmawards.com

The Honolulu Film Awards (HFA) are international film awards granted to independent films in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, United States.[1] In 2011, James Cunningham was named Best Director for his work on Das Tub.[2] This win was one of more than thirty international awards won by students of Media Design School in 2011 alone,[3] and two of the school's short films have won double accolades at the Honolulu Film Awards.[4] Anjan Das' Banshiwala won the Feature Film Gold Kahuna award in 2011.[5] The Hunatics, a film set on Maui, won a Gold Kahuna award in 2011 as well,[6] as did Rideshare, the first feature film to be recorded entirely on iPhones.[7] Strong Bodies Fight, a documentary film about the Bengal Bouts, also won a Honolulu Film Award in 2011.[8] Antonio Padovan's Perry St won the Gold Kahuna award one year.[9] In 2012, eight documentary films were given Aloha Accolade awards.[10]


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