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Honorary titles of Russian Federation (Russian: Почётные звания Российской Федерации) are titles given to people of Russia for their professional and other achievements. The word Заслуженный is also translated as Merited or Meritous

During the Soviet Union a system of professional honorary titles for the USSR was created to be used across the USSR, in Union republics, and Autonomous republics republics. The awards were also used in some other Eastern bloc states and communist states. Post-Soviet states modelled some of their awards on the Soviet award system.

On 30 December 1995, the Russian President Boris Yeltsin signed Presidential Decree №1341 on establishment of the system of honorary titles of the Russian Federation. Prior to that, the legal acts referred to honorary titles of the RSFSR.

Most of these awards have been retained in the Russian Federation, the list consists of the following:

  1. National Artist of Russian Federation (also translated as "People's Artist of Russia") — compare People's Artist of the USSR
    This term is confusing[clarification needed] in English language, because in Russian language this translation corresponds to two different titles: "Narodny Artist" and "Narodny Khudoznik".
    "Artist" in Russian means Actor, but historically[citation needed] "Narodny Artist" has been translated as "People's Artist". At the same time, "People's Actor" is not literally correct either, because this title is also applicable,[citation needed] e.g., to musicians and screenwriters, i.e., to the people working in performing arts.
    "Khudozhnik", while literally meaning "Painter", is applicable to other kinds of artists of visual arts
    See People's Artist of the USSR for details.
  2. National Painter of Russian Federation (or People's Painter of Russian Federation — see the explanation above)
  3. Honoured Agronomist of Russia
  4. Honoured Architect of Russia
  5. Honoured Art Worker of Russia
  6. Honoured Builder of Russia
  7. Honoured Chemist of Russia
  8. Honored Cultural Worker of the RSFSR
  9. Honored Cultural Worker of Russia
  10. Honoured Designer of Russia
  11. Honoured Drainage Engineer of Russia
  12. Honoured Ecology Worker of Russia
  13. Honoured Economist of Russia
  14. Honoured Energy Worker of Russia
  15. Honoured Experimental Military Pilot of Russia
  16. Honoured Experimental Pilot of Russia
  17. Honoured Farme of Russia
  18. Honoured Farming Industry Engineer of Russia
  19. Honoured Military Pilot of the Russian Federation
  20. Honoured Military Navigator of the Russian Federation
  21. Honoured Forestry Worker of Russia
  22. Honoured Geologist of Russia
  23. Honoured Health Worker of Russia
  24. Honoured Inventor of Russia
  25. Honoured Lawyer of Russia
  26. Honoured Machine Engineer of Russia
  27. Honoured Master of Production Training of Russia
  28. Honoured Medical Doctor of Russia
  29. Honoured Metal Industry Worker of Russia
  30. Honoured Meteorologist of Russia
  31. Honoured Metrologist of Russia
  32. Honoured Military Specialist of Russia
  33. Honoured Miner of Russia
  34. Honoured Painter of Russia
  35. Honoured Pilot of Russia
  36. Honoured Rationalizer of Russia
  37. Honoured Rescuer of Russia
  38. Honoured Scientist of Russia
  39. Honoured Social Worker of Russia
  40. Honoured Teacher of Russia
  41. Honoured University Worker of Russia
  42. Honoured Veterinarian of Russia
  43. Honoured Welfare Worker of Russia
  44. Honoured Worker of Communications of Russia
  45. Honoured Worker of Fishing Industry of Russia
  46. Honoured Worker of Food Industry of Russia
  47. Honoured Worker of Forest Industry of Russia
  48. Honoured Worker of Geodesy and Map-Drawing of Russia
  49. Honoured Worker of Light and Textile Industry of Russia
  50. Honoured Worker of Oil and Gas Industry of Russia
  51. Honoured Worker of Physical Education of Russia
  52. Honoured Worker of Transportation of Russia
  53. Honoured Zoo technician of Russia

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