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35 Park Place, home of the Honors Tutorial College

The Honors Tutorial College (HTC) at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio is the only college in the United States with a degree-granting program incorporating all the essential features of the traditional tutorial system.[1] The Honors Tutorial College is based on the centuries old tutorial system of undergraduate education developed at Oxford and Cambridge in Great Britain.

A tutorial consists of either one student and one professor or a very small group of students and a professor. Instruction is undertaken through dialogue rather than lecture. HTC students are required to take a substantial portion of their academic work through tutorials, although they also enroll every academic term in traditional courses. The academic expectations for students in the College reside between those of a traditional undergraduate honors program and a graduate program.

The program generally accepts around eighty students per year from an applicant pool of around two hundred and offers programs in thirty-four disciplines, from journalism to astrophysics. Students benefit from their involvement with the college: they are the first to register for classes, can waive course prerequisites and general education requirements for graduation, can check out books from the university library for extended periods of time, have access to scholars' dorms, and develop close-knit and personal relationships with professors. All programs of study require the completion of a thesis project. Students must also maintain a 3.5 GPA in their program of study and in their overall coursework.

The foundation of an "honors program" at Ohio University existed as far back as 1945. In 1959, an Honors Program and Awards Committee was established to set rules for and supervise honors courses conducted by various academic departments. In 1972, Professor Ellery Golos approached the University Curriculum Council with "A Proposal for a Tutorial System." The proposal was approved on May 9, 1972. Prior to that point, an Honors College had existed previously since 1964.[2]

Famous alumni include actress Piper Perabo, Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Joe Mahr, NASA scientist Lori Poultz-Snyder, CEO at the biotechnology and pharmaceutical company Nodality, Inc Laura Brege, NPR correspondent Adam Hochberg, and Emmy Award winning writer and producer Matt Wickline.

The Honors Tutorial College is located at 35 Park Place near the center of the University. It is across the street from Alden Library and down the street from the E. W. Scripps Hall, home of the E. W. Scripps School of Journalism and the John Calhoun Baker University Center. Since July 2009, Jeremy Webster has served as dean of the Honors Tutorial College.


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