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Category 3[1]
Type Crossing station
DS100 code KHR[2]
Construction and location
Opened 6 September 1841[3]
Location Horrem
State North Rhine-Westphalia
Country Germany
Home page www.bahnhof.de
50°54′59″N 6°42′53″E / 50.916492°N 6.714768°E / 50.916492; 6.714768Coordinates: 50°54′59″N 6°42′53″E / 50.916492°N 6.714768°E / 50.916492; 6.714768
Route information
List of railway stations in North Rhine-Westphalia
Regional-Express at platform

Horrem station is a station in the Kerpen district of Horrem in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is a railway junction of the Cologne–Aachen high-speed railway and the Erft Railway (Horrem–Bedburg, connecting with Neuss). The Trianglular station of Horrem is served by regional services and by S-Bahn trains of the Rhine-Ruhr S-Bahn. Long-distance trains run through on the high-speed line without stopping. It is classified by Deutsche Bahn as a category 3 station.[1]

Entrance building[edit]

The station was opened on 6 September 1841 along with the LövenichAachen section of the Cologne–Aachen railway.[3] The station building was demolished in 2012 and completely rebuilt in 2013. The new station building was built as part of a pilot project of Deutsche Bahn’s StationGreen XL-Modul program, strictly according to ecological principles and equipped with eco-friendly technology.[4]

In front of the station, there is a bus station with six platforms served by VRS bus routes towards Bergheim, Bedburg, Elsdorf, Erftstadt, Frechen, Hücheln, Hürth, Kerpen, Königshoven and Sindorf. The station forecourt and bus station have being rebuilt and completely redesigned since 2010.


On the eastern edge of Horrem is the North-South Railway (Nord-Süd-Bahn) of RWE Power (formerly Rheinbraun). Lignite and overburden are transported on this industrial railway between mines and coal-fired power stations. At the point where it crosses the railway line between Cologne and Aachen, the then longest reinforced concrete bridge in Germany built was built in 1953/54. This was necessary, because the roof of the 1623-metre long Königendorf tunnel was removed to enable its electrification and it was converted into a deep cutting. The tunnel was built in 1840 for the Belgium–Aachen–Cologne railway.


Horrem station is served by the following lines (as of 9 December 2012):[5]

Line Line name Route
RE 1 NRW-Express Aachen Hbf – Düren – Horrem – Cologne Hbf – Düsseldorf Hbf – Duisburg Hbf – Essen Hbf – Dortmund Hbf – Hamm (Westf) – Paderborn Hbf
RE 9 Rhein-Sieg-Express Aachen Hbf – Düren – Horrem – Cologne Hbf – Siegburg/Bonn – Siegen
RB 38 Erft-Bahn Cologne Hbf – Horrem – Bedburg (Erft) – Grevenbroich – Neuss Hbf – Düsseldorf Hbf
S 12 Düren – Horrem – Cologne Hbf – Troisdorf – Hennef (Sieg) – Au (Sieg)
S 13 (Aachen – Düren – )Horrem – Cologne Hbf – Cologne/Bonn Airport station – Troisdorf
Preceding station   Deutsche Bahn   Following station
toward Aachen Hbf
RE 1
toward Aachen Hbf
RE 9
toward Siegen
RB 38
toward Cologne Hbf
Preceding station   Rhine-Ruhr S-Bahn   Following station
toward Düren
S 12
toward Au (Sieg)
toward Horrem
S 13
peak hours only
toward Troisdorf


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