Horrid Henry: The Movie

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Horrid Henry: The Movie
UK theatrical release poster
Directed by Nick Moore
Produced by Allan Niblo
Rupert Preston
Mike Watts
Lucinda Whiteley
Written by Lucinda Whiteley
Starring Theo Stevenson
Richard E. Grant
Parminder Nagra
Kimberly Walsh
Mathew Horne
Dick and Dom
Noel Fielding
Jo Brand
Anjelica Huston
Music by Lester Barnes
Cinematography Sam McCurdy
Edited by Simon Cozens
Novel Entertainment
Distributed by Vertigo Films
Phase 4 Films
Release date(s)
  • 29 July 2011 (2011-07-29) (United Kingdom)
  • 22 December 2012 (2012-12-22) (United States)
Running time 93 minutes[1]
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget $10,000,000
Box office $10,124,760

Horrid Henry: The Movie is a 2011 British 3D children's comedy film based on the fictional character Horrid Henry, directed by Nick Moore. The first British film for children to be shot in 3D, its United Kingdom release date was 29 July 2011 and Phase 4 Films announced, on 9 February 2012, that they would release the film in theatres in the United States and Canada on 22 December 2012.[2]


At the start, Horrid Henry tries to steal cookies from Moody Margaret's Secret Club, and succeeds, but before he could eat them, his mother interrupts, telling him to do his homework. Henry screams in despair. After he is introduced to the audience, he refuses to do his homework and is lost in his dreams.

In the morning, Henry's mother wakes him up and tells him to go to school. When his Mum reminds him to take his homework, he remembers that his homework is in a really bad state and leaves it behind. When he goes to school, Henry tells his friend Brian that he has not got his homework, asking him to write a forged excuse letter. When Henry and his other friends get to their seats, Miss Battle-Axe is taking the register. When she asks everyone about their homework, Henry tells her that he has not brought his homework, and makes an excuse by showing her the fake letter, to no avail as the teacher knows that it is a forgery. He gets triple detention for failing to do his homework, failing to bring his homework and for presenting the forged note.

Miss Oddbod tells Henry's class that the school inspectors are coming and they don't want any 'unpleasantness'. With Henry in detention, his friends join him to practice for a talent contest, but their rehearsal is stopped after Miss Oddbod and the school inspectors hear them and stop them. As Henry and Perfect Peter are going home, Margaret tries to throw a water balloon, but Henry got that and tricks her into throwing a balloon at her. As she tries to throw a balloon at him, Henry escapes and Peter gets hit. When he is singing about being a king, Peter tells on him for not doing his homework. Henry turns into a dinosaur and scares him, but is still making noise. As his Dad marches up to his room, Henry tricks him into thinking that he is doing his homework (Physics).

The next day, Margaret makes a plan by pouring goop at him, but Miss Battle-Axe falls for it and gets signed out of school. In despair, she sends everyone home early.

It is revealed that Ashton Primary, the school Henry attends, is to be closed and Vic Van Wrinkle, the headmaster of Brick House School, stands to make a fortune from the resulting influx of pupils. With the help of his worst arch-enemy Moody Margaret and her sidekick Sour Susan, Henry comes up with a plan to save the school, to avoid having to deal with the new school fees.

First, he decides to enter a Talent Contest with his 'Zero Zombies' Band (even though they were banned by Miss Oddbod for throwing goop which hits Miss Lovely which was not Henry's) which he reckons that they'll become 'famous enough' that they won't want to shut the school down. During their performance in front of Ed Banger and the Killer Boy Rats, Soggy Sid tries to ruin the Performance but Margaret and her friends manage to stop him. After winning the show, Henry is found out that he was on the show and Miss Oddbod explains to him that his theory was wrong and that he should have thought about stopping the school closing down before he started being 'horrid'.

Sitting in his bedroom in despair, Henry is called into his fort where Margaret and Peter explain he has been invited onto '2 Cool 4 School' where he can win a Cash Prize if he wins. After completing some challenges, the Presenters show him confiscated toys in the Confiscated Cupboard but Henry insists on the Cash Prize where he has to meet a 'Terrible Teacher' which is revealed to be Miss Battle-Axe. Miss Battle-Axe asks him to spell a word which he had misspelled earlier in the film (Homework), which he succeeds in doing. Miss Battle-Axe congratulates Henry and gives him the Cash Prize and Henry hurries with Margaret to Miss Oddbod.

Meanwhile, Van Wrinkle holds Miss Lovely, Peter, and his friends hostage in his office. But Miss Lovely tricks him into explaining his plan while she has her mobile phone out so that Miss Oddbod can hear on her end and stops writing the contract she was given. Hearing the sirens and the police arrive at the scene, Vic attempts to escape but with Peter tying his shoelaces together, falls out of the window is caught by the police and is arrested as well as his partners. Henry and Margaret manage to get to Miss Oddbod which Peter instantly offers her the money but she explains she heard Vic Van Wrinkle's Plan and does not need the money and therefore returns the money to which they will have the party of a lifetime

The next day, Henry's family and friends congratulate him for saving the school and, as promised between Henry and Margaret, have the party of a lifetime which to Henry runs to the audience to splat his famous 'Purple Hand Gang' logo.


Critical reception[edit]

The film received mainly negative reviews from critics. Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reports that 10% of 21 critics have given the film a positive review, with a rating average of 3.6 out of 10.[3] When interviewed on Desert Island Discs by Kirsty Young, Horrid Henry book author Francesca Simon stated that "I haven't seen it [the movie]...I had nothing to do with it." This was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 11 November 2011.

Box office[edit]

Despite negative reaction, the film opened at #5 in the U.K Box Office with £1.3 million, but was knocked down to #7 by Super 8 and Mr. Popper's Penguins.[citation needed] The Movie was a box office failure just 10 million on a budget of 10 million meaning the movie just made its budget back. Before the movie was released, Theo Stevenson said there was plans for a trilogy, however that will no longer happen due to the failure of the movie



Track Song Singers
1 "Too Cool for School" Killer Boy Rats
2 "Everybody Dance" Kimberly Walsh
3 "Boys and Girls" Pixie Lott
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