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Hospiscare's Day Hospice at Pine Lodge

Hospiscare is local charity dedicated to looking after anyone with a life-threatening illness in Exeter, east and mid Devon (LINKS). In addition to helping patients, Hospiscare provides essential emotional and practical support to their family. The main hospice building is situated on the site of the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. Hospiscare has three day centres, at their hospice in Exeter, at Seaton and in Tiverton.


The charity’s spelling is slightly unusual: Hospiscare rather than Hospicecare. This is because an early logo for the charity emphasised the central HospISCAre: Isca. Isca[1] is the Roman word for Exeter. The current logo no longer emphasises this but the spelling remains the same.


Hospiscare was established in 1982 after a successful appeal was launched by the Rev. Dr. John Searle at Exeter Guildhall. Dr. Searle was inspired by the hospice movement which was then being led by Dame Cicely Saunders Initially, Hospiscare provided a nursing service only restricted to the Exeter area and was not based around any specific building. However, during the 1980s, the service expanded as demand inevitably increased. The year 1992 was a big turning point in the charity’s history as it saw the opening of the Hospice as a building. This was formally opened in September of that year by the Duchess of Kent. The ensuing years have seen a gradual but dramatic growth in volunteer and employee numbers as well as in the services available. [2]


Hospiscare provides a range of different services to patients and families alike. The charity looks after more than 700 patients at a time, with most of them out in the community. [3][4] Nursing support: Specialist nurses provide an essential service to patients at home and are available for 24-hour-a-day support in the building itself. Complementary therapy: An extensive service is offered for patients at home as well as in day centres and the in-patient unit. Bereavement service: A team of bereavement volunteers is available to offer support on the phone or in person. Spiritual support: Although not explicitly affiliated to any religion, where required Hospiscare can supply spiritual support to anyone seeking it. Practical support: The charity also offers practical support whenever needed. [5]


Hospiscare is unusual in the extent to which it is dependent on volunteers. There are five volunteers to every one member of staff. As of 2011, there are around 1,000 volunteers for Hospiscare who do a range of different tasks including: driving, shopping and bereavement support. The volunteers save the charity £1 million in costs through all the work they do every year. [6] In 2011, Hospiscare volunteers won the Queen’s Award for Volunteering. [7]

Friends and support groups[edit]

Amongst the 1000 volunteers, there are approximately 300 fundraising volunteers spread across Hospiscare’s area. There are groups in Axminster, Pinhoe, Crediton, central Exeter, Honiton, North Dartmoor, Chagford, Okehampton, Otter Vale, Whimple, Exeter St Thomas, Tiverton and Topsham. Between them they raise an amazing £250,000 each year by organising and helping with fundraising events in their own community. They make a significant difference to the level of care that Hospiscare can provide in their respective communities.[8]


Hospiscare is now involved in a huge range of fundraising activities. Nearly 70% of funding comes from voluntary donations and is raised by the Hospiscare shops and the Hospiscare Lottery. Around 25% of funding comes from the government courtesy of the Devon Primary Care Trust. 90% of all money raised by Hospiscare goes directly on patient care. [9] Fundraising events include: The Tree of Light,[10] Open Gardens, The One Mile Swim Challenge.[11]


Hospiscare has a number of shops. As of 2011, there are shops in: Axminster, Budleigh Salterton, Crediton, Cullompton, Exeter – Cowick Street, Exeter – North Street, Exeter – Summer Lane, Exeter – Whipton, Exeter Book Shop – South Street, Exmouth, Honiton, Okehampton, Ottery St Mary, Seaton, Sidmouth, Tiverton, Topsham.[12] EBay is also used.[13]


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