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Hospital Broadcasting Association
Hba logo tm.png
HBA logo
Abbreviation HBA
Motto Supporting hospital broadcasting in the UK
Formation 24 September 1992
Type Trade association
Legal status Non-profit company (No. 2750147) and registered charity (no. 1015501)
Purpose Hospital radio in the UK
Region served
228 hospital radio stations at 424 hospitals
Chief Executive
Jim Simpson
Main organ
Executive Committee
Affiliations NHS, Broadcast Journalism Training Council
Website HBA

The Hospital Broadcasting Association (HBA) supports the 230 or so independent hospital broadcasting organisations serving hospitals, hospices and nursing homes in the UK. The vast majority of these organisations provide hospital radio services through a variety of broadcast medium as well as a few hospital television services.

HBA's patron is the Head of Presentation at BBC Radio 2, Alan Dedicoat, who before joining the BBC started his radio life in the hospital radio "trade".


Advice and guidance[edit]

HBA provides advice and guidance to the management of the stations on all aspects of running a hospital broadcasting organisation. This is available via its website, its members' magazine, at national conferences, regional events and in response to specific enquiries. This expertise is vital to the stations, as many of a station's members will not have had previous experience in either broadcasting or running an organisation.

The HBA also provides regular regional training events for those involved with the organisations member stations; attracting guest speakers who have a wealth of professional experience in radio broadcasting and interview techniques, radio technology or the finer points of computer based broadcasting software.[1]

National representation[edit]

HBA represents hospital broadcasting at a national level, engaging with appropriate national organisations such as:

National Hospital Radio Awards[edit]

The HBA stages the National Hospital Radio Awards annually to encourage volunteers to produce better programmes, recognising volunteers within the HBA and its member stations that deserve recognition for going the extra mile in their work. The awards are presented at the HBA National Conference held in the Spring of each year, the most recent of which were in Bristol and the proceedings recorded and uploaded to YouTube[2] for association members and the general public to see in full.

The annual National Hospital Radio Awards also mark the start of the association's Hospital Broadcasting Week; which both the HBA and many of its member stations use to further promote hospital radio through events and broadcasts.


Legal status[edit]

The HBA is a company limited by guarantee (number 2750147) and is registered as a charity (number 1015501) with the Charity Commission for England and Wales. Its official name is the National Association of Hospital Broadcasting Organisations, but adopted Hospital Broadcasting Association as its working name in the 1990s.


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