Hoss (comics)

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Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Ghost Rider (Road to Damnation) #1, 2005
Created by Garth Ennis
Clayton Crain
In-story information
Team affiliations Ghost Rider, Ruth, Buttview
Abilities Superhuman strength and durability. Able to repair his own body and to rebuild humans into new forms. Able to track other demons. Able to extrude tentacles. Other magical powers, exact extent unknown.

Hoss is a fictional character appearing in Marvel Comics, created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Clayton Crain. He is a demon, an enemy and occasional ally of the Ghost Rider.

Hoss has been described as "one of Hell's most able tracker-scouts". He first appeared in Ghost Rider (Road to Damnation) #1 (Nov. 2005)

Fictional character biography[edit]

Hoss has stated that he arrived in Hell after committing suicide out of embarrassment, but the truth of this claim is unclear. He serves as one of Hell's tracker-scouts, travelling the earth to do his masters' work.

Road to Damnation[edit]

Hoss crosses paths with the Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) while trying to recapture the renegade demon Kazann – Hell has sent Hoss to recapture Kazann, whereas the angel Malachi has rescued the Ghost Rider from Hell and sent him to achieve the same task. The two initially clash, but then join forces when facing the third being hunting Kazann – the archangel Ruth.[volume & issue needed]

Kazann is eventually defeated by the three hunters and the Ghost Rider finds himself returned to Hell, betrayed by Malachi. It emerges that Malachi and Kazann have been secretly plotting together since Lucifer's rebellion, using Heaven and Hell to advance their own careers.[volume & issue needed]

Malachi then descends to Hell to confront (and perhaps silence) the Ghost Rider – only to be ambushed by Hoss and Ruth, who easily defeat him. Hoss apologizes to the Ghost Rider, explaining that he lacks the power to free him from Hell – but offers a consolation prize, a chance for the Ghost Rider to share his torment with the defeated Malachi.[volume & issue needed]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Hoss has displayed a wide range of superhuman abilities, some of which have not been clearly defined. Physically, he appears to be superhumanly strong and durable. He's also able to modify his 'human' body – repairing it, extruding tentacles or shifting into a more obviously demonic form.

As well as his physical abilities, Hoss has a range of magical powers. He can track other demons and seems able to transport himself (and his allies) between earth and Hell. He was able to casually – and instantly – kill a biker gang who annoyed him, without physically touching them.

Hoss created his servant Buttview from a maimed and dying human, rebuilding his broken body and modifying his form. This ability may require a willing subject, as Hoss asked for the dying man's consent before he started work.