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Hossein Amiri (born January 29, 1972 in Armudaq, Meyaneh, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran) is an Iranian news reporter and journalist working at the Young Journalists Club (YJC).[1] He worked for Mehr News Agency from July 2004 to March 2013. He started his career as a researcher of political affairs at Neda Institute for Scientific and Political Research on Jan. 2000.[2][3]

In 2003 as he attempted to propose the composition of his book on the Holocaust, investigating points of disagreement between Holocaust historians and revisionists (known by the historians as Holocaust deniers), when he was demanded to choose his outlook according to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's statements before the UN General Assembly and elsewhere in refutation of the historical event, which resulted in his refutation of the recommendations and decision to abandon the composition.

His to-be publication was to be foreworded by Prof. Robert Faurisson, calling for global attention for activity of the same kind.[4][5]

Viewpoint on Holocaust

The Holocaust proved to be a challenge to members of the Rouhani administration as well. Officials have frequently had to answer related questions asked by foreign reporters, Amiri believes. He maintains that Iranian politicians must not concern themselves with historical controversy, instead adopting sound, unbiased positions on the matter, in order to be able to pursue their political affairs.[6]


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