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Hot FM
Logo of Hot FM (Malaysia).svg
City of license Petaling Jaya
Broadcast area Malaysia
Slogan Muzik Paling Hangat (Now)
Frequency Varies depending on its region
First air date 15 January 2006 (2006-01-15)
Format Contemporary hit radio
Owner Synchrosound Studio Sdn Bhd,a subsidiary of Media Prima Berhad

Hot FM is a Malay language radio station owned by Synchrosound Studio Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Media Prima. Broadcasts transmitted from Sri Pentas, Bandar Utama. Hot FM began test transmission on 15 January 2006 and officially commenced operations on 6 February 2006. Hot FM previously WaiFM was owned by Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina was later acquired by Media Prima.

Hot FM broadcasts 24 hours a day. Led by a former presenter with Era FM, Sathiaseelan a/l Paul Thurai (Seelan Paul) Director of Network, Hot FM broadcast mixed of songs in Malay, Indonesian and English songs, but the main language is in Malay.

In 2009, Hot FM went down in history as for the first time it was charted at the top among other radio stations in Malaysia with 3.8 million weekly listeners,[1] ahead of its traditional rival Era FM which only reached 3.76 million listeners in a week.

Radio Announcer[edit]

  • Fara Fauzana (Fafau)
  • AG
  • Tun Nadia (Projek Radio)
  • Leya
  • Ikhwan
  • Haziq
  • Deen
  • Fizie
  • Liza

Former Hot FM Radio Announcer[edit]

  • FBI
  • Usop
  • Anne
  • Azura
  • Tini
  • Suraya
  • Chad
  • Fiqrie
  • Kieran


Monday To Friday[edit]

  • Hot FM AM Krew (AG,Fafau & Fizie) (6am-10am)
  • Hot FM - Muzik Paling Hangat (Leya) (10pm-4pm)
  • Hot FM Jam (Ikhwan & Liza) (4pm-8pm)
  • Hot FM Zon (Haziq & Deen) (8pm-12am)


  • Hot FM 30 (9am-12pm)(Leya & Deen)
  • Hot FM Korner (12pm-4pm)(Weekend Announcer)
  • Rock Hot FM (4pm-6pm)(Weekend Announcer)
  • Hot FM Korner (6pm-10pm)(Weekend Announcer)
  • Selebriti Hangat Hot FM (10pm-11pm) (Liza)
  • Live & Akusitk Hot FM (11pm-12am)(No Announcer)


  • Selebriti Hangat Hot FM -Repeat- (9am-10am)
  • Hot FM Korner (10am-12am)(Weekend Announcer)
  • Apa yang Hot (12am-1pm)(Weekend Announcer)
  • Hot FM 30 -Repeat- (1pm-4pm)
  • Sarang K-Pop (4pm-5am)(Weekend Announcer)
  • Hot FM Korner (5pm-9pm)(Weekend Announcer)
  • Rock Hot FM -Repeat-(9pm-11pm)(Weekend Announcer)
  • Hot FM Kita Punya (11pm-12pm)(Ikhwan)


Weekend Announcer[edit]

  • Hazwan Syah
  • Shah
  • Amyrah
  • Fadhil
  • Nuar


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