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Hot Package is an Adult Swim entertainment variety show, created by Derrick Beckles. The show parodies network entertainment shows such as Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood. Instead of sourcing its news from real celebrities, TV shows, and films, all of Hot Package's "entertainment" news comes from found footage, including clips from forgotten B Films and bizarre TV shows. The show is hosted by Derrick Beckles, Pat O'Brien, and Anastasia Roark, and features colorful guests, makeovers, and interview segments. Hot Package, produced by Abso Lutely Productions, Abominable Pictures and TV Carnage, premiered on October 4, 2013, and has currently aired six episodes. On May 9, 2014, Adult Swim confirmed that Hot Package would be returning for a second season.[1]


The show features a wide variety of segments parodying those found in entertainment news shows. Some of these segments include:

  • HP Exclusive - Fake entertainment news based on an out-of-context film, TV, or found footage clip.
  • Ones on Ones - Derrick interviews an obscure figure from film or television as if he/she were a celebrity guest.
  • Hollywood Makeover - Derrick gives someone a makeover based on a "Hollywood hunk" from an obscure film/TV clip (such as Jon McBride in Cannibal Campout). Despite a wide number of film sources being used as inspiration, from action B-movies to LSD scare films, the makeovers largely turn out the same each time, usually with no reference to the film in question.
  • Countdowns - A list of themed film clips.
  • Curtain Raiser - Movie reviews. Again, the movie is always obscure, but treated like a recent Hollywood film.
  • Bloopers - Embarrassing found footage.


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