Hot Pursuit (1984 TV series)

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Hot Pursuit (1984 TV series)
Genre drama
Starring Eric Pierpoint
Bradford Dillman
Country of origin USA
Original language(s) English
Running time 60 minutes
Original channel NBC
Original run September 22 – December 28, 1984

Hot Pursuit is a short-lived American television series starring Kerrie Keane and Eric Pierpoint, which aired from September 22 to December 28, 1984 on NBC. It was written and directed by executive producer Kenneth Johnson.


Jim and Kate Wyler are an upper-middle class couple. Kate is a successful automotive engineer, while Jim is a practicing veterinarian. Kate is framed for murdering her boss, Victor Modrian (Bradford Dillman), and sentenced to prison. In reality, Victor Modrian's wife Estelle (Dina Merrill) orchestrated the murder using a lookalike for Kate. Jim discovers the homeless lookalike and determines to bring Estelle to justice.

On the run[edit]

While visiting his wife in prison, Jim Wyler forcibly helps her escape. Like The Fugitive before them, they go on the run, tracking clues to the real culprits while taking on odd jobs to finance their search. Complicating their search is an assassin hired by Estelle Modrian to kill them so she is not exposed.

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