Hot Pursuit (film)

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Hot Pursuit
Hot pursuit poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster by Drew Struzan
Directed by Steven Lisberger
Produced by Pierre David
Theodore R. Parvin
Written by Steven Lisberger
Steven Carabatsos
Story by Steven Lisberger
Starring John Cusack
Robert Loggia
Jerry Stiller
Ben Stiller
Keith David
Cinematography Frank Tidy
Edited by Mitchell Sinoway
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release dates
May 8, 1987
Running time
93 min.
Country  United States
Language English
Budget $4 million[1]
Box office $4,215,849
For other uses, see Hot Pursuit (disambiguation).

Hot Pursuit is a 1987 adventure/action-comedy film starring John Cusack, Robert Loggia, Jerry Stiller, Ben Stiller, Wendy Gazelle and Keith David.


High schooler Dan Bartlett (John Cusack) misses the plane he was supposed to be on with his rich girlfriend and her family on the way to a Caribbean vacation during a school break. He flies there alone, and runs into a series of characters and misadventures as he tries to catch up. Ganja-smoking island natives give him a lift in their vehicle but don't quite make it as the family takes off on a chartered yacht. A crusty old sailor with his own reasons takes up the chase with Bartlett on a decrepit sailboat. Bartlett then runs into corrupt cops and winds up in jail. Finally, he catches up to the yacht, only to find the family has been taken hostage by pirates, and he comes to the rescue.



Pierre Davis developed the project with Steve Lisberger. David brought it to Tom Mankiewicz who helped produce. RKO were willing to back the film but they only wanted to pay $2.8 million and filmmakers could not get the budget lower than $4 million. Mankiewicz managed to secure the additional funding from Ned Tanen at Paramount in exchange for cable rights.[1]

Anthony Michael Hall was considered for the lead before the filmmakers decided to go with John Cusack.[1]


The scenes at Dan's school ("Burnham preparatory school for boys") were filmed at St. Michaels University School in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. A "Victoria Taxi" logo is visible on the cab that Dan takes to the airport.


The movie was rated PG-13 by the MPAA.


According to Mankiewicz "everyone came out fine" from the film "especially Cusack and Stiller, who went on to bigger and better things".[2]


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