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Hot Wacks is a Canadian book that has been in circulation for over 25 years, featuring reviews of bootleg music releases. Reviews include information such as source, quality, track listing and packaging. It is commonly referred to as the 'Bootleg Bible' by bootleg collectors. Hot Wacks was the work of Kurt Glemser. Before Hot Wacks he wrote two other bootleg discographies - Bootlegs (March, 1973) followed by Underground Sounds (October, 1974).

It was published in Kitchener, Ontario.

Hot Wacks spawned a magazine Hot Wacks Quarterly which also reviewed bootlegs as well as other collectible records (Communist pressings, box sets, etc.) as well as featuring pictorials of female rockers.

Hot Wacks went through 15 printings starting with Hot Wacks Book I (November, 1975) and ending with Book XV: The Last Wacks. The latter was almost 800 pages long. After this Hot Wacks was published as Supplement 1 - 6. Bob Walker, another Canadian, came on board after Hot Wacks Book XI. It's interesting that after Kurt Glemser wrote a critical review of THE GREAT WHITE WONDERS (a book that claims to tell the history of bootlegs) in Supplement 3 that the author of that book changed comments about Kurt, K & S Records and Hot Wacks. The review came out around the time of the second printing of THE GREAT WHITE WONDERS which was now titled BOOTLEGS. The comments about Kurt, K & S Records and Hot Wacks in BOOTLEGS were changed in the latest printing to be critical, however, without any facts to back up the negative comments. Kurt at least backed up his critical review with facts.

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