Hot Wheels Velocity X

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Hot Wheels Velocity X
Hot Wheels Velocity X
PAL region cover art for GameCube
Developer(s) Beyond Games
Publisher(s) THQ
Series Hot Wheels
Platform(s) GameCube
PlayStation 2
Game Boy Advance
Release date(s) Windows
  • NA October 16, 2002
  • PAL October 16, 2002
Game Boy Advance
  • NA October 31, 2002
  • PAL December 6, 2002
PlayStation 2
  • NA November 11, 2002
  • PAL November 29, 2002
  • NA November 12, 2002
  • PAL December 13, 2002
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single-player

Hot Wheels Velocity X is a racing video game released in 2002 by Beyond Games. There are versions for the Gamecube, PlayStation 2, PC, and Game Boy Advance. The game is based on the Hot Wheels toy automobiles. The game features 11 different gadgets and 5 different worlds - Monument City, Turbine Sands, Crankshaft Bay, Burnout Glacier and Underworld.


The story begins when The Hot Wheels car business owned by Dr. Peter Justice, is robbed and bombed. Peter's son, Max Justice, insists to his dad's Robot "Gearhead" that he should try to track down whoever stole the cars and attempt to retrieve them all. He is confronted with various "Villains" on his quest, such as Nitro Byrne, Backroads Belcher, Fast Lane Friscatti, Simon "Slick" Deluca and Rupert Jacoby, all of whom work for Otto Von Diesel (Dr. Peter Justice's Former Assistant).


In the main Adventure mode, you have to beat all 14 missions, while completing tasks in each one. These tasks vary from destroying a few vehicles, collecting items, or racing/battling a boss. The World (map) changes every 3 missions (1-3, Monument City, 4-6 Turbine sands etc.)

In the Challenge mode, you have to complete all 18 challenges. Each Challenge comes with various tasks, such as achieving "x" Stunt points, collecting "x" gears, or reaching the finish before the clock hits 00:00. Along the way, new cars as well as new race/battle maps and weapons are unlocked.

The game also has a Drag Race mode, a Battle mode, and a Joyride mode. The Drag Race and Battle modes are both single-player and multiplayer (except in the PC version of the game). The Joyride, in essence, is free roam. You can also unlock cars in Joyride by collecting all ten gears or finding the hidden key in each map.

There are also eight different cheats that can be unlocked by completing the final challenge on different difficulties.


The game has 33 cars that can be unlocked by successfully completing various challenges and missions. Each car is rated on its speed, grip, stunt, and armor.

Starter Vehicles[edit]

  • MS-T Suzuka
  • Sooo Fast
  • At-a-Tude
  • Super Tuned
  • Overbored 454
  • Twin Mill II

Vehicles Unlocked in Adventure Mode[edit]

  • Muscle Tone
  • Hammered Coupe
  • Jaded
  • Hyper Mite
  • Power Pistons
  • Evil Twin
  • Hyperliner
  • Maelstrom
  • Splittin' Image II
  • Greased Lightning
  • Sol-Aire CX4
  • Vulture
  • Arachnorod
  • HW Prototype 12

Vehicles Unlocked in Challenge Mode[edit]

  • Sho-Stopper
  • Surf Crate
  • Krazy 8's

Vehicles Unlocked in Joyride Mode[edit]

Vehicles Unlocked by Gears[edit]

  • Flashfire
  • Deora II
  • Rigor Motor
  • Shadow Jet
  • Jet Threat 3.0

Vehicles Unlocked by Hidden Keys[edit]

  • Mega Duty
  • Way 2 Fast
  • Lakester
  • Surfin' School Bus
  • Power Rocket


Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings 55.22% (PS2)[8]
54.00% (PC)[9]
49.08% (GBA)[10]
48.67% (GC)[11]
Metacritic 55 / 100 (GC)[6]
54 / 100 (PS2)[7]
Review scores
Publication Score
GameSpot 7.1 / 10 (PS2)[1]
6.4 / 10 (GBA)[2]
IGN 5.5 / 10 (GBA)[3]
4.7 / 10 (GC)[4]
4.6 / 10 (PS2)[5]

Hot Wheels: Velocity X received mixed reviews. One review by Chris Roper gave it a 4.7 out of 10, criticizing the game's sound design, controls, and the unstable framerate, but praising the multiplayer mode of the GameCube version and the voice overs during the FMV cutscenes. Another review gave it a 7.1 out of 10, praising the stunts, the gameplay, and the game's thrilling story, but criticizing the inconsistent frame rate as well.