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For the Eutelsat awards, see Hot Bird TV Awards.
Hot Bird
Hot Bird (logo).jpg
Hot Bird Official Logo
Country of origin France
Operator Eutelsat
Applications Communications
Regime Geostationary, 13° East
Status Operational
Built 11
On order 0
Launched 11
Operational 3
Lost 1
First launch Hot Bird 1
28 March 1995
Last launch Hot Bird 10
12 February 2009

Hot Bird is a group of satellites operated by Eutelsat, located at 13°E over the Equator (orbital position) and with a transmitting footprint over Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Only digital radio and television channels are transmitted by the Hot Bird constellation, both free-to-air and encrypted. In addition there are a few interactive and IP services. The satellites currently operate at 13° East and are numbered 13B, 13C and 13D.

List of satellites[edit]

Name[1] Launch Location Current Location Launch date Status
Hot Bird 1 Kourou Junk orbit 28 March 1995 Inactive
Hot Bird 2 (Eurobird 9) Cape Canaveral 48°E 21 November 1996 Active
Hot Bird 3 (Eurobird 4) Kourou Junk orbit 2 September 1997 Inactive
Hot Bird 4 (Atlantic Bird 4) Kourou 16°E 27 February 1998 Active
Hot Bird 5 (Eutelsat 25B/Es'hail)[2] Cape Canaveral 25.5°E 9 October 1998 Active
Hot Bird 6 Cape Canaveral 13°E 21 August 2002 Active
Hot Bird 7 Kourou N/A - launch failure 11 December 2002 Failed
Hot Bird 7A (Eurobird 9A) Kourou 9°E 12 March 2006 Active
Hot Bird 8 Baikonur 13°E 4 August 2006 Active
Hot Bird 9 Kourou 13°E 20 December 2008 Active
Hot Bird 10 Kourou 13°E February 2009 Active

Satellite details[edit]

Hot Bird 1[edit]

Hot Bird 1 was launched by Ariane 44LP in 28 March 1995. The 13° East slot predates the launch, with Eutelsat 1F1 having been located there as early as 1983, and Eutelsat 2F1 having also served time at the location. It has reached end-of-life.

Hot Bird 3[edit]

Hot Bird 3 was launched by Ariane 44LP in 02 sep 1997 and intended to be moved to 10°E to become Eurobird 10. During the drift from 13°E to 10°E, the satellite suffered loss of power from one solar array. It was nevertheless successfully moved to 10°E, but could only operate at a reduced capacity. Since then, it is operating at 4°E under the name Eurobird 4. At last it was moved to 75°E and renamed to ABS_1B. It has reached end-of-life.

Hot Bird 4[edit]

Hot Bird 4 was launched by Ariane 42P in 27 Feb 1998 and redeployed to 7°W in July 2006, becoming Atlantic Bird 4 / Nilesat 103

Hot Bird 5[edit]

Hot Bird 5 was launched by Atlas-2A in 09 Oct 1998 and re-located to 25.5°E and renamed Eurobird 2. Six transponders are leased to Arabsat under the name Badr 2, after having been called Arabsat 2D.

Hot Bird 6 (Hot Bird 13A)[edit]

Hot Bird 6 was launched by Atlas V 401 in 21 July 2002. Starting on 12 June 2009, the day of Iranian elections, deliberate interference affecting this satellite was traced to Iran. Hot Bird 6 is the primary carrier for BBC Persian Television.[3] As of 2013, it is replaced with Hot Bird 10 (Hot Bird 13D)

Hot Bird 7/7A[edit]

Hot Bird 7 was lost in December 2002 during the Ariane 5 ECA launch. Its replacement, Hot Bird 7A (a Spacebus 3000B3) was successfully launched on 11 March 2006.

Hot Bird 8 (Hot Bird 13B)[edit]

Hot Bird 8 was launched by Proton in 5 August 2006. With a launch mass of 4.9 tonnes, Hot Bird 8 is the largest and the most powerful broadcast satellite serving Europe.

Hot Bird 9 (Hot Bird 13C)[edit]

Hot Bird 9 was launched by Ariane 5 ECA in December 2008. Its entry into service enabled the Hot Bird 7A satellite to be redeployed to 9° East and rebranded Eurobird 9A, increasing capacity to 38 Ku band transponders at this orbital position.

Hot Bird 10 (Hot Bird 13D)[edit]

Hot Bird 10 was launched by Ariane 5 ECA in February 2009 with NSS-9, Spirale A and Spirale B. The EUTELSAT HOT BIRD 13D satellite is located at 13° East, Eutelsat’s premium video neighbourhood for cable and satellite broadcasting in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Packages broadcast on Hot Bird[edit]

Free-To-Air channels[edit]

Up to 1000 television and radio channels are available Free-To-Air.

List of providers[edit]

Name Location Website
Eutelsat  France
International Media Switzerland   Switzerland
GLOBCOS NetWorks GmbH   Switzerland
Globecast  France
Wide Network Solutions  United Kingdom
SKY Italia  Italy
Arqiva  United Kingdom


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Coordinates: 0°0′N 13°00′E / 0.000°N 13.000°E / 0.000; 13.000