Four Seasons Hotel George V

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Four Seasons Hotel George V
Hôtel George-V 25 08 2007 n3.jpg
General information
Location 31, avenue George V, Paris, France.
Opening 1928
Owner Kingdom Holding Company
Management Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
Other information
Number of rooms 245
Number of suites 59
Hotel George V

Four Seasons Hotel George V is a luxury hotel in Paris, the capital of France.


Designed by French architects Lefranc and Wybo under the direction of American owner Joel Hillman, also an architect, and opened in 1928, the original George V immediately set new precedents in the hospitality industry. This famous venue was described in early press coverage in that year as “conceived in the spirit of modern and elegant luxury, and endowed with the latest technological innovations.”

At that time, these innovations included the installation in each guest room of a telephone with both outside and hotel service lines; suites with two bathrooms “allowing two people to take a bath at the same time and to be ready to go down to dinner together;” fitted closets; extra-wide corridors on guest floors to eliminate luggage grid-lock; fire alarms; and an elaborate dumbwaiter system to expedite delivery of hot food from the kitchen to guest rooms. The budget for design, construction and installations amounted to 60 million francs, representing in 1928 over U.S. $31 million. Opening rates started at 150 francs per night for a four-bedroom apartment with two bathrooms.

Recent history[edit]

Since 1997 it has been managed by Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts and is owned by Kingdom Holding Company, the investment company controlled by HRH Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia. The General Manager and Regional Vice President is Christian Clerc.

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