Hotel Inglaterra

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Hotel Inglaterra
Hotel Inglaterra - Havana 2009.JPG
General information
Location Paseo del Prado #416 entre San Rafael and San Miguel
Cuba Havana, Cuba
Opening March 22, 1908
Management Gran Caribe
Technical details
Floor count 4
Other information
Number of rooms 83
Number of restaurants 2

Hotel Inglaterra is the oldest hotel in Cuba and one of the most classic hotels in Havana. It is located at Paseo del Prado #416 between San Rafael and San Miguel in Havana, Cuba. The Hotel was founded on December 23, 1875 and built in neoclassic style. Winston Churchill stayed in Hotel Inglaterra while visiting Cuba as a military observer during the Spanish-Cuban war in 1895.[1]

Appearances in books and movies[edit]

Hotel Inglaterra appears in the Elmore Leonard novel Cuba Libre.


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