Hotel Kangerlussuaq

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Hotel Kangerlussuaq
Hotel Kangerlussuaq1.jpg
General information
Location Kangerlussuaq, Greenland
Coordinates 67°1′10″N 50°41′48″W / 67.01944°N 50.69667°W / 67.01944; -50.69667
Other information
Number of rooms 70

Hotel Kangerlussuaq is a hotel in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. Located at Kangerlussuaq Airport, this three-star hotel has 70 rooms and is a notable location for conferences.[1][unreliable source?] The hotel is located on the site of a reclaimed United States Air Force base, Sondrestrom Air Base.[2] It is the former base's landing strip which serves as the town's airport and the barracks have been converted to accommodation.[3]

The hotel is also featured in Clive Cussler's Sacred Stone.[4]

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