Hother Erich Werner Bøttger

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Hother Erich Werner Bøttger (1801 – 28 October 1857) was a Norwegian politician.

He was born in Skien. His father Johannes Bøttger had immigrated from Denmark, and was the local organist. Hother took carpenter education in Copenhagen, worked as a merchant in Lillehammer for a while before returning to Skien. He was eventually appointed chief architect in the city, as well as bookkeeper.[1]

As a politician, he was first elected to Skien city council in 1839.[1] He served as mayor of Skien from 1842 to 1843.[2] He was elected to the Norwegian Parliament in 1845 and 1857, representing the constituency of Skien.[3] He died right after the end of his second term.


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