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"Hotot" redirects here. For the 1390 English Member of parliament for Totnes, see Walter Hotot.
Hotot icon
A screenshot of Hotot 0.9.6 running under Ubuntu 11.04.
Developer(s) Hotot team
Preview release [1] / June 4, 2012 (2012-06-04)
Development status Discontinued[2]
Written in Python
Operating system Linux, Windows, OS X, Chromium[3]
Available in English
Type Social networking client
License GPL version 3[4]

Hotot is a micro-blogging desktop client for Twitter as well as Statusnet/GNUsocial, developed in Python as an open source application. Despite the fact that it is still in its early stages of development, as stated on the official website,[3] it has succeeded to achieve the "Best Linux Twitter Client" in a poll published on against four Linux Twitter clients; namely Gwibber, Pino, Turpial, and Choqok with 1021 voters.[5] Hotot is named after a French breed of domestic rabbit. On February 9, 2014 it was announced that the client is being discontinued.[2]


Multi/single column view[edit]

The program relies on a multi column customizable view perspective, in which the user can display the "time line" in one column and other commonly used functions, like "mentions"; "searches"; "profiles"; and "retweets", in separate columns listed all side by side. Also, the view can be minimized to single column view.

Color-coded Tweets[edit]

Tweets are colored depending on if they are sent by the user, contain user's mention, or usual timeline tweets using different colors.

Threaded Conversations[edit]

Used to expand the tweet thread to explore replies and reactions to the original tweet.

Hotot's Threaded Conversation.

Images Preview[edit]

Images included in tweets can be previewed in the timeline and are clickable to view them in their original hoster.

Content Filter/Kismet Content Firewall[edit]

These two components are used to filter, mask, or archive certain tweets based on sender and/or content.

Images Uploader[edit]

A built in image uploader is available using TwitPic,, and

Image hosters supported by Hotot's ImageUploader.

Url Shortener[edit]

Used to shorten long urls using service providing like TinyURL, Kamacracy,,,, and custom url shortener.

Geolocation View[edit]

To reveal location information like neighborhood, town, or exact point a tweet was sent from with "Tweet Location" enabled using Google Maps.

On spot Translation[edit]

Provides translation of selected tweets upon request using Google Translate within the timeline inside the application itself.

Hotot's on-spot translation plugin appearing in darker grey in English from German.

Read Later Integration[edit]

Using Instapaper or Pocket read-later service to save tweets for later check.


Hotot provides multi-profile support, not simultaneously logged in though.[7] In addition, the GUI is themable and fonts used can be changed. Also, HTTP proxy can be configured using the preferences menu.


Until 0.9.6 Hotot doesn't provide spell checking functionality,[8] which is available in many Linux Twitter clients like Gwibber, and Turpial. By default, the program is available only in English,[9] but apparently progress is being made[10] to provide a multilingual interface.

The program also appears to use excessive Twitter API requests in some circumstances, leading to the user hitting the request limit before their quota resets every hour.

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