Hotshot (stock character)

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The hotshot or badass is a stock character in works of fiction, known for taking more risks, action and pain than the other characters in the story. This type of character is usually present in action-driven tales. What differentiates the hotshot from an action hero is that a hotshot works within the context of a group or team. The Hotshot is not always the main hero or protagonist of the story. He or she is also not always the leader of the team. In some sense, the term can be applied to an "action-byronic hero".

Frequent characteristics of the hotshot character includes some level of arrogance, abrasive manners, aggressiveness, a tendency to prefer to be alone even to the point of working alone, and sometimes an inability to work with his/her teammates. Younger hotshot characters may exhibit attitudes that construe them as jerks, although they are cheerful and easy going with their team mates. What they all have in common is a tendency to have much of the action focused on them and a drive to fight longer and harder after his/her comrades have been put away. This may be because of a preference of the writer or editorial pressure or fan favoritism.