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For the town in Lebanon, see Hula, Lebanon.

The Houla Region or Houla Plain (Arabic: الحولةal-Ḥūlāh) is an area consisting of three villages in the Homs Governorate of central Syria, northwest of the city of Homs. The villages, Taldou, Kafr Laha and Tell Dahab each have 25–30,000 inhabitants.[1] The settlement is essentially a Sunni Muslim town surrounded by Alawite villages.[2] Many of the inhabitants of the Houla village cluster are of Turkoman descent.[3]

Houla was described by 19th-century English scholar Eli Smith as a low-lying tract of land situated at the eastern slope of the Syrian Coastal Mountain Range.[4] One of the villages, Taldou,[5] is located in the outskirts of Houla.[6] The biggest village in the Houla region had over 20,000 inhabitants in 2004 and is called Kafr Laha.[7]

The 13th-century Syrian geographer Yaqut al-Hamawi visited al-Houla in 1226 during Ayyubid rule noting that the place belonged to Jund Hims ("military district of Homs").[8]

In May 2012, the two villages Taldou and al-Shoumarieh[9] were the location of a major massacre of civilians and continued fighting between the Free Syrian Army and the Syrian military.[5][6]


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