Hounded (TV series)

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Genre Children's
Written by Matt Brito
Caimh McDonnell
John Warburton
Paula Hines
Starring Rufus Hound
Colin McFarlane
Nadine Marshall
Steven Wickham
Eva Alexander
Colin Ryan
Opening theme "Goodbye Mr. A" by The Hoosiers
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 13
Running time 30 minutes
Original channel CBBC
Original run 11 June 2010 (2010-06-11) – September 2010

Hounded was a CBBC sitcom starring Rufus Hound. The comedian is chased through space and time by the evil Dr Muhahahaha.

Plot summary[edit]

A typical episode starts with Rufus reluctantly getting out of bed and walking to the BBC Television Centre where he will be filmed as a co-presenter on an episode of FunLab, a live science-based children's show. Every time he is introduced incorrectly by FunLab presenters Gill (calling him amongst others Randoff, Ricky, Randy and Richard) and Barry, to whom he gives a different answer to the question "Haven't I seen you somewhere before?" each day. He begins presenting a different experiment, often related to the theme of the show, when his future self turns up and transports himself and Rufus into his time (at the park) and presents Rufus with a few ordinary objects, usually to his discontent, but these objects, such as a tin of catfood or a rubber ball, later turn out to be exactly what is needed to save the day.

Rufus is sucked into a parallel universe where television and movie special effects are part of everyday life. It's a world inhabited by evil but incompetent "genius" Dr Muhahaha, ruler of the Multiverse, who is trying to take over the Earth. In each episode Rufus again meets Gill and Barry as different characters (but usually called Gelina and Buck) who help him.

Dr Mu (as he is known for short) develops a serious grudge against Rufus, who finds an ally in his Future Self, who keeps cropping up to help him. In a series of fantastic adventures, Rufus is hounded across the known multiverse by Dr Mu and his irritatingly pedantic chief scientific advisor, Steve.

Developed by the team behind BBC Three's innovative sketch show The Wrong Door, Rufus must thwart Dr Muhahaha and find his way home. At the end of each adventure Dr. Mu rewinds time and Rufus crashes back into his own universe, finding himself back in his flat about to start the same fateful day again...



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