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House Baenre is a fictional clan of drow in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, created by R. A. Salvatore.

A family born to the drow race (a component of R. A. Salvatore's series Forgotten Realms, including several subseries) the Baenre family is the family which has reigned in the fictional Underdark city of Menzoberranzan for over 2000 years. House Baenre is a family of powerful schemers and manipulators that holds more power than any other house in Menzoberranzan.

Salvatore has made the Baenre family the bastion of power for his creation, Menzoberranzan, keeping it so for over 2,500 years. Fiercely devoted to the drow goddess Lolth, as all houses in the Menzoberranzan society are, House Baenre is led by Matron Mother Triel Baenre, a shrewd priestess of Lolth who succeeded her slain mother Yvonnel.

Menzoberranzan is a city ruled by backstabbing and ambition, and House Baenre thrived in it, holding the greatest favor of Lolth longer than any other family in Menzoberranzan history. As such, the family was successful at keeping hold of the prestige deceased Matron Mother Yvonnel Baenre succeeded in acquiring and continually supporting throughout her over 2,000-year reign.

Members of House Baenre[edit]

Other members of House Baenre[edit]

Andzrel, a cousin of Triel and the current weapons master of House Baenre, may be a mere shadow of Dantrag or Berg'inyon with his blade, but he knows his way around a melee.

Bladen'Kerst, daughter of Yvonnel Baenre and second eldest to Triel. Sadistic, unpredictable and uncontrollable, she was slain by Gandalug Battlehammer during the invasion of Mithril Hall.

Grendan, a 10th year student of Sorcere during the War of the Spider Queen, known for being good with illusions. He is involved with Noori.

Jeggred, a draegloth, stands by his mother Triel's side as bodyguard, and in the face of Lolth's Silence, has joined his aunt Quenthel in her search. He kills Ryld Argith (as ordered by Danifae) and is eventually sacrificed by Quenthel to the reincarnated Lolth.

Julani, a Master of Evocation, stationed at Sorcere during the War of the Spider Queen. He was killed during the events of the novel Extinction, when several Baenre mages tried to cast spells on an enemy, only to have them reflected back upon themselves.

Merith, a psychotic ex-commoner, was adopted for her clerical talent. Arguably as sadistic as the late Bladen'kerst, she knows nothing of intrigue and protocol.

Nauzhror, Triel's first cousin once removed. He is pudgy and a Master of Sorcere who sports a large beard, grown with a hair growth cantrip. He was Archmage during Gromph's brief absence.

Noori, a female 10th year student of Sorcere during the War of the Spider Queen. Noted by Gromph to have abandoned priesthood, despite being high-born, in order to study divination magic. Grendan is her lover.

Prath, a student of Sorcere and a nephew and apprentice of Gromph.

Sos'Umptu, the quiet and unambitious sister of Triel and Quenthel, tends the Baenre chapel.

Vendes, the now-deceased daughter of Yvonnel Baenre. Vendes was the House's master torturer, and earned the nickname "duk'tak" (unholy executioner). After she finished with her victims they were turned to stone and displayed around the house. Drizzt Do'urden killed her while escaping from House Baenre's captivity.

Vrellin, One of Triel's nephews. Unusual for the fact that he wears no armor in battle, only a hand crossbow strapped to his left wrist, loaded with magical, exploding bolts.

Zal'therra is a priestess and Triel's cousin. She also commands the Army of the Black Spider.

Zoran, a 2nd year Sorcere student during the War of the Spider Queen. Noted by Gromph as being unreliable and prone to making mistakes.

Doquaio Secondboy of Yvonnel Baenre. Killed at the sacrificial birth ceremony of third son Jarlaxle. Yvonnel tried to sacrifice Jarlaxle to Lady Lolth but failed due to the telekinetic interference of House Oblodra. Duquaio died when he picked up Jarlaxle and all the stabbings of Yvonnel flowed into him through the kinetic barrier.