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Bentinck Coat of Arms
Ethnicity Dutch, British
Current region Netherlands, United Kingdom
Place of origin Guelders
Schoonheten House

The Bentinck family is a prominent family belonging to both Dutch and British nobility. Its members have served in the armed forces and as ambassadors and politicians, including Governor General of India and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The family is related to the British Royal Family.


The name Bentinck is a patronymic variation of the Old Germanic name Bento. The family is originally from the East of the Netherlands., and was already noble from earliest times ("Uradel"), The oldest known ancestor is Johan Bentinck, who is mentioned in documents between 1343 and 1386 and owned land near Heerde. An important branch was founded by Hans Willem Bentinck, 1st Earl of Portland who accompanied William Henry, Prince of Orange to England during the Glorious Revolution. This British branch were initially given the title of Earl of Portland, later Duke of Portland. Furthermore, in 1732 the title Graf (Count) Bentinck, of the Holy Roman Empire, was created for William Bentinck, son of the 1st Earl of Portland. A Royal Licence of 1886 was created which allowed the use of this title in England as well. This title continues to be held by Tim Bentinck, 12th Earl of Portland and his heirs. In the Netherlands another branch with the title Count existed, but died out in the male line. The older baronial branch still exists today while the head of the family lives in the United Kingdom. The Dutch and British branches of the family continue to exist and belong to the Dutch nobility and British nobility.


The family estate since the 16th century, Schoonheten House, is situated between the villages Heeten and Raalte in Overijssel, Netherlands. The area contains 5 square kilometres of forests and cultivated land. Nowadays, the Bentincks mainly earn their living by forestry, agriculture and renting holiday houses. The British branch of the family owns Bothal Castle (Bothal Estates) in Northumberland and Welbeck Abbey (Welbeck Estates), the ancestral seat of the Dukes of Portland in Nottinghamshire.

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