House of Carafa

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Escutcheon of the House of Carafa.

The House of Carafa was a noble Neapolitan family of Italian nobles, clergy, and men of arts. Members included:

  • Cardinal Antonio Carafa (1538 – January 13, 1591), nephew of Paul IV.
  • Cardinal Carlo Carafa, brother of Giovanni, who had been made Duke of Paliano after papal forces drove the pro-Spanish Colonna family from Paliano (town reconquered by the Spaniards in 1558). Nephew of Pope Paul IV (29 March 1517 – Cardinal 1555 until January 1559). Brought to trial on charges of sodomy and assassinations by Pope Pius IV (31 March 1499 – 9 December 1565, born Giovanni Angelo de' Medici, who was Pope from 1559 to 1565). Executed by strangulation on 6 March 1561.
  • Cardinal Alfonso Carafa (1540 - 1565, aged 25). His father was Antonio Carafa, Marquis of Montebello, whose uncle, Giovanni Pietro Carafa, ascended the papal throne in 1555 as Pope Paul IV.
  • Girolamo Caraffa, Marquis of Montenegro (1564 - 1633), a general in Spanish and Imperial service.
  • Don Giuseppe Carafa, a leading Neapolitan nobleman who was killed in July 1647 during the early stages of the Revolt of Masaniello against the Spanish Hapsburg occupation of the city. Carafa's mutilated body was dragged through the streets by the mob, an incident portrayed in a painting by Micco Spadaro.